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Panikk - Discarded Existence

Discarded Existence
by V. Srikar at 09 July 2017, 5:59 AM

Thrash has always had lyrics that had feelings indicating ‘person being discarded from society’, ‘anti-social views’, ‘anti-establishment’ etc., and that’s exactly what we have here with Slovenian Thrash Metal band PANIKK’s 2nd full length album “Discarded Existence” which was released earlier this year in March. The album starts with a fast paced song in “Instigator of War”, which is Thrash Metal with Punk and Hardcore influences in it. The riffs and the gang vocals remind me of the vocals in LOST SOCIETY. It’s an interesting song because I was expecting a slow ‘Intro’ as is usually the case in modern day Metal albums. As I listen to “Sedated in Utopia”, I feel that the vocals are not loud enough to match and synch with the other instruments in the band. But otherwise, it’s an interesting Thrash song that banks of catchiness and less on variety.

Under Pretence” is just a train wreck full of juicy headbanging songs. There are some interesting guitar solos and the song gets chaotic as it progresses. The song takes you to a whole new different world with its unique fast paced solos and its catchiness at the same time. With some very anti-establishment / revolutionary lyrics, “Individual Right” impressed me more with its lyrics than the music itself, which wasn’t all that bad to be honest. “Rotten Cells” starts with a slow melodic guitar work, before getting heavier and thicker. The song is unusually thicker and has some sharp riffs, more on the lines of Death Metal, but is an interesting addition in this album. The title track “Discarded Existence” is another song very conducing for the band’s live shows and the mosh pits that will rise there. Both “Eyes Don't Lie” and “Reconstruction” disappoint due to their lack of variety and flavour, but offers exactly what’s expected off it – anthemic hair lifting Thrash Metal. The album ends with a 1:57 min melodic guitar driven “Outro”, with some keyboard work as well. “Discarded Existence” is a fine 2017 Thrash record, but what it’s not, is having enough variety, uniqueness in all departments. For fans of the genre and otherwise, it’s worth a listen.

Production: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Instigator of War
2. Sedated in Utopia
3. Under Pretence
4. Individual Right
5. Rotten Cells
6. Discarded Existence
7. Eyes Don't Lie
8. Reconstruction
9. Outro
Gasper Flere – Guitar, Vocals
Jaka Cresnar - Guitar
Rok Vrckovnik - Bass
Crt Valentic - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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