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Panikk - Unbearable Conditions

Unbearable Conditions
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 February 2013, 3:42 PM

Just smell that youth and the power it holds. Sometimes it is like chasing your own ass, it might sound dumb but it is one of the best examples of getting you nowhere. But there have been occasions where newcomer turnouts turned out to be pretty darn good. Many walked the wooden plank towards their fall but survived but could never muster anything good, yet, there were those who didn't carer about the plank and just kept on going forward. Of course there are the lucky ones that just had it coming. I have no idea whether the conditions were optimal for this young group from Slovenia, but I am sure that those weren't "Unbearable Conditions", signed sealed and delivered by Metal Tank Records, as their debut album's title suggests. Highly bigoted by Bay Area Thrash of the late 80s, the young PANIKK dash fast, headfirst into the shores of obsession with lots of enthusiasm and a handful dose of motivation trying to relive the greater moments of the genre while attempting to salvage a bit of glory for themselves.

In a way PANIKK, though meaning to be a bit more constructive, and I would dare say innovative, than most rugged Thrashers hailing out to produce it raw and bitter, pull the plug on that department and went straight away to the grounds that have been abiding their laws since their formation. PANIKK has been on the Bay Area's finest like EXODUS, FORBIDDEN, HEATHEN and METALLICA, therefore the music and the mighty sound production that sounded polished clean, mean and lean, served as a promise that "Unbearable Conditions" will unleash the spiked fist right to one's face in a hurry, and it sure did. PANIKK amassed some great examples of excellent compositions, profound musical skills, and more or less a creative mind to step out of the common shell of Thrash without exaggerating with crossovers to Punk and Hardcore, yet I might add that I heard a few M.O.D., crossover note of NUCLEAR ASSAULT and S.O.D. moments. "Unbearable Conditions", "Cruel World (Society to Adapt)" and "Panic Attack" are straight up hard knocks, great Thrashers close to the ecstatic flames of the past but in a slight upper tempo in comparison to the older hits. I really enjoyed the rhythm guitar works, as most of the music seemed rhythm based, while the often shootings of soloing that reminded me of old twin axe EXODUS duo. "Away from Reality (Instrumental)" reminded me of one of METALLICA's instrumental tracks but less sophisticated or melodic, more head on to the wall rather than snooping around for more attention.

Savour the thought that "Unbearable Conditions" is a sort of happy hour, well not an hour but forty minutes or so, but a fine trip through memory lane but with a new spirit. I like the band's efforts on this debut, I believe that they proved to be qualified Thrashers signed to the late 80s and totally on a roll when it comes to Bay Area influenced Thrash. Yet I also think that they got stuck a bit with their own attempts to be more than just another Thrash band made them a bit lost, especially with some of the arrangements that I listened to throughout the album. I recommend on observing their work, pleasurable enough to be good but still not in the status of more than that.

3 Star Rating

1. Panic Attack
2. Dismay
3. Messiah of Decay
4. Away from Reality (Instrumental)
5. The Wave of Death
6. Playground of Visions
7. Revelation Of Truth (Acoustics)
8. Cruel World (Society to Adapt)
9. Unbearable Conditions
Gašper "Gapa" Flere - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Nejc Nardin – Lead Guitar
Rok Vrčkovnik – Bass
Grega Košmerl - Drums
Record Label: Metal Tank Records


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