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Pantheon Of Blood – Voices Rooted in Blood

Pantheon Of Blood
Voices Rooted in Blood
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 02 March 2020, 10:06 AM

Finland’s own Black Metal enigma that is PANTHEON OF BLOOD have released a compilation of three of their previously working and two new previous unreleased songs. The song “The Pagan Light” is an unreleased recorded and mixed during late 2015. The Guitar solo is by A. Kettunen

Kolmas silmä maan tuhcasta” does not hold back at all from the off. The beat and tempo are kept up to a frantic, but controlled level. The vocals, although I have no idea what is being said, are aggressive, but easy to flow from a pace perspective. Those that speak Finish I am sure will have more of an accurate description. The song is good, it is a solid start to the album, there is a section in the final minute where everything slows down, but it is done in good balance and really adds a new light to the song. The progressive finish works well within the song, to allow you to appreciate what you have heard this far.

Vanha liitto” doesn’t start off with any ideas from how the previous song finished. This has the frantic pace returning. The pace has slowed slightly, but the band controls the balance well enough to implement the pace, aggression and overall melodies together to blend it into their own sound.  The song does not expand like the song before, but it keeps up its own balance, which is a good thing. Could have mixed in a few styles, but they chose to keep the one style strong.

Overflowing Manifestatio” has the same starting approach, go fast or go home. This aspect does not stick around for long; the pace is lost very quickly. It does go into a more progressive approach, which allows them to be a bit more experimental. They slow things down, but there is no real experiment additions to the song, which is disappointing, it does have a very Atmospheric Black Metal approach, which they could have, maybe should have expanded on.

The Crimson Empress of Night” continues with the slow approach that the album has suddenly taken. This is the first song not to have the frantic, frenzied intro. The song seems tired in its approach and for me needs a shot of energy or something experimental. It gets neither, which is disappointing, hopefully it will not be a sign of the rest of the album.

Deux Ex Naturae” has a faster start, but nowhere near the start of the album. The balance is steady, maybe due to the play it safe approach. It does feel like the fire has been taken out of the album, the things that made the first few songs have gone, to  be replaced with a steady, balanced approach which leaves no real room for experimental influences.

The Pagan Light” sounds like this could be folk mixed song. The aggression soon kicks in, which is exactly what the album had been missing. The song slows down slightly, with the vocals keeping up more aggression than the rest of the band. The song is better than the last few, but it does sound like they are still holding back. There is still a lack of experimentalisms until the end where they flirt with some slick guitar solos, which is a great addition.

The Dead End” slows things down slightly, but the beat is still good enough to make the start seem enjoyable. The pace is soon removed to make the steady song seem more balanced, but for me it just seems like it slow for no real reason. The pace dropping is becoming a regular thing. The acoustic c approach from the previous song returns. There is no real reason I can se for it slowing down to such an extreme. There is no experimental sections added to the song.

Ma-Kâram” By this point, I am expecting a medium pace start, which it has, to then slow down midway and almost come to a stop. The pace remains steady and decent heading into the mid-section, there a few keyboard elements added in that DEPECHE MODE would have used. However, there is little other expansion.

Incantation in Blood” follows suit to so many of the songs in a gradual start that never quite takes off. The safe approach is all over this song again. The lack of change has become very apparent by this stage, anything new would add so much more to the album. Not much happens for the rest of the song, it is hard to hear many changes.

Awakening” is the final song, and I have a good idea of how this will sound, please let me be wrong. It has a good, dark start, which is new, but what will they do with this? Nothing, it is just an instrumental outro. Fuck

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

The album seems like they really wanted to concentrate on the balance more than much else. It is not a bad album, but here is not enough changes for me to rate it any higher.

3 Star Rating

1. Kolmas silmä maan tuhcasta (from: Pantheon of Blood – 2010 (Demo))
2. Vanha liitto (from: Pantheon of Blood – 2010 (Demo))
3. Overflowing Manifestatio (from: Consociatio Solis et Lunae – 2011 (EP))
4. The Crimson Empress of Night (from: Consociatio Solis et Lunae – 2011 (EP))
5. Deux Ex Naturae (from: Lapis Philosophurum - 2015 (Split w/ CREATURA)
6. The Pagan Light (Previously Unreleased)
7. The Dead End (from: Purgatorial Awakening – 2018 (EP))
8. Ma-Kâram (from: Purgatorial Awakening – 2018 (EP))
9. Incantation in Blood (from: Purgatorial Awakening – 2018 (EP))
10. Awakening (from: Purgatorial Awakening – 2018 (EP))
Pantheon of Blood
Santtu Kainulainen aka Z – Lead Vocals
Antti Ojala aka Sûrya Ishtara – Guitars & Bass Guitar
Adar – Drums

Consociatio Solis et Lunae
Ismo Meinander aka Boreas – Lead Vocals
Juho Tarvainen aka Ptahaz – Guitars
Antti Ojala aka Sûrya Ishtara – Guitars & Bass Guitar
Wyrmfang – Drums

Purgatorial Awakening
Shoo – Vocals
Antti Ojala aka Sûrya Ishtara – Guitars & Bass Guitar
Wyrmfang – Drums
Record Label: Single Rex


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