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Pantokrator - Marching out of Babylon Award winner

Marching out of Babylon
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 April 2021, 5:09 PM

Since the coming of names as VENGEANCE RISING and MORTIFICATION in the late years of the 80’s and the early years of the 90’s, a new reality was opened: the Christian bands could play extreme genres without problems. That marked a new era that some dislike, others like a lot, and some faces as another form of making the same good music, but by another point of view. And as time passed by, things were more and more sharpened, and an incredible band as PANTOKRATOR, from Sweden, could come and show on “Marching Out of Babylon” an excellent release.

Their main way a form of Progressive/Melodic Death Metal that binds the traditional form of Swedish Death Metal with charming melodies and a good technical work. The band finds their way into the classic form, so brutality and oppression is used on all the songs, but always refined and sharpened with elegance. But it’s a consequence of 25 years in the genre, so they’re pioneers. And the album is truly amazing, modern and alive, but in a classic Progressive/Melodic Death Metal outfit.

Rickard Gustafsson (the band’s drummer) worked on the recordings, while Jani Stefanović did the mixing, and Uffe Blomberg, the mastering. All was conceived to create a sonority that could be aggressive, nasty and oppressive, but to give the listeners the right feeling and full understanding of what the quintet is doing. It’s truly a very good work. And the presence of C. J. Grimmark (of NARNIA) on the guitar solo of “Wedlock”, Jani Stefanovic (of THE WAYMAKER, MISERAQON & SOLUQON .45) on the guitar solo of “Crossroads”, and Mund (of SKALD IN VEUM) on the vocals   on “Phoenix Rising” make things even better.

The violent shredding and oppressive musical onslaught that the quintet creates is really excellent, and songs as “Day of Wrath” (a violent and storming track, with very good guitars and the clear Swedish Death Metal essence), “Wedlock” (the oppressive slow parts are amazing, with great grunted vocals and excellent melodic guitar solo), “Marching Out of Babylon” (charming and bitter contrasts on the arrangements and on the clean and harsh tunes of the vocals as well, with atmospheric brutal ambiences with an Oriental melodic scent), “The Last Cheek” (another one with a clean Swedish Death Metal trademark essence, with very good melodies supported by and excellent work on bass guitar and drums), and “We the People” (a bone-grinding weight conducted by ferocious and bitter guitars, but with those Hardcore influences that are usual from Swedish School, and great melodies) are the best ones. And let me tell the readers a thing: the way the quintet works on their lyrics isn’t something that can offend some radicals. Just face “Marching out of Babylon” as it really is: a great Progressive/Melodic Death Metal album!

PANTOKRATOR is really an amazing band, and this album is a must for those extreme Metal maniacs!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Day of Wrath
2. Wedlock
3. Crossroads
4. Marching Out of Babylon
5. The Last Cheek
6. Hidden Deep
7. We the People
8. Phoenix Rising
Karl Walfridsson - Vocals
Mattias Johansson - Guitars
Johnathan Jansson - Guitars
Jonas Wallinder - Bass
Ricke Gustafsson - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 28 January 2023

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