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Panychida - Grief For An Idol

Grief For An Idol
by Erika Kuenstler at 08 March 2014, 8:11 PM

PANYCHIDA is a Czech band, who has, within their 10 year history, released two demos, a DVD, an EP, and two other full-length albums, with “Grief For An Idol” being the band’s third full-length release.

Moving away from their earlier roots, PANYCHIDA have expanded their sound, and have experimented with different elements in “Grief for an Idol”. This assimilation of different components can be found throughout the album; in “Dance of the Fiery Stars”, Black Metal elements are blended together with lighter and more spiritual Pagan influences, whilst songs such as “Two Untouched Moments” incorporate more folk-like and harmonious melodies. The intro to “Krasatina” has almost Spanish-sounding acoustic guitars which flow seamlessly into a darker and more brooding, yet equally charming melody. From the uplifting riffs underlying the latter sections of “Don’t Tell Lies to Children”, to the almost classical melody soaring through “Perchta”, the biggest defining feature of “Grief of Idols” is the plethora of diversity so impeccably amalgamated not just into the music as a whole, but also by the variations added by each member of the band individually. This does an excellent job of conjuring up scenery extending from grim and frozen wastelands to epic and majestic wilderness.

Overall, “Grief for an Idol” is wide-ranging, effortlessly fusing beauty and coldness. Whilst the production is somewhat raw, it brings to mind a lighter, more pagan and folky version of earlier Black Metal bands such as TAAKE and SATYRICON circa “Nemesis Divina”. PANYCHIDA have also done well in mitigating more aggressive blast beats with softer interwoven guitars. Although tracks such as “Wayfarer’s Awakening” blend in more folk-like components, these are used sparingly, and are utilised in such a way that they bring to life and highlight the songs.

The Norwegian component integrated into “Minnestund”, a song featuring V’gandr as a guest vocalist, certainly lends the album authenticity. An interesting addition to the general atmosphere are the narrations, from the authoritarian and militant speech given at the beginning of “Love Bombing” to the story of the “White lady” (a portent of death in Czech folklore) in “Perchta”. Although the tale of this spectral figure gives the album a more haunting atmosphere, it can be a bit long-winded, and interrupts the flow of the album.

Nevertheless, “Grief for an Idol” presents a good release of Blackened Pagan Metal by an accomplished band who clearly know what they are doing. With the album being available for digital download for under 3€, fans of this type of music have no excuse not to get their hands on a decent album by a band that has the potential to become one of the defining artists within the genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Dance of the Fiery Stars
2. Two Untouched Moments
3. Krasatina (Grief for the Idol)
4. Wayfarer’s Awakening
5. Don't Tell Lies to Children
6. Doomsayer
7. O veliji Vezě
8. The Great Dance of Dionysus
9. Love Bombing
10. Minnestund
11. Perchta
Vlčák - Vocals
Sinneral - Guitar
Honza V. - Guitar
Talic – Bass
Honza Kapák – Drums

V’gandr  - Vocals
Record Label: Paragon Records


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