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Panzer – Louder Day After Day – Live Panzer Experience Award winner

Louder Day After Day - Live Panzer Experience
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 06 April 2015, 3:00 AM

There are some bands that are really addicted on releases, true groups of workaholic musicians that produce great amounts of musical material. Here in Brazil, where things can be nasty sometimes on underground Metal scene, we could refer Brazilian quartet PANZER (not confound with German band. The Brazilian one is older than the German one) as a workaholic band. Since they got back to the front in 2012, this DVD-CD package, “Louder Day After Day – Live Panzer Experience”, is their sixth release. Yes, six releases within 3 years (and to be honest, it’s two years and a half), a remarkable achievement!

To speak about their music, we must understand that it’s a mix between Thrash Metal of bands like PANTERA and SLAYER with stoner metal influences and some touches of Brazilian SEPULTURA on “Chaos A.D.” era (but with no influence from Industrial Metal). It’s the fruit from the experience of the veterans Edson Graseffi and André Pars with the young adrenaline and energy of Rafinha Moreira and Rafael DM. And this fusion results in a very particular way of making music, with oppressive brutality and elegant refinement.

The sound and image production is perfect. The sound part was done by Henrique Baboom (the producer from their latest album, “Honor”) on production and mixing, with Alessandro Kbral on mastering. And the result is an astonishing and abrasive live sound, with a heavy quality, sounding furious, but without making it sound like a studio record. And the image is a fine work from Careca (Macarena) in the edition of the images and Marcelo Rossi on cameras (not confound him with the famous Brazilian catholic priest, please), with very good takes from the show. And the whole result is that you’ll feel yourself into the pit, in the venue where this DVD was recorded. And the DVD package is

Of course the live show has very good songs, being the best moments on “Affliction”, “Red Days”, “The Last Man on Earth”, “Savior” (where the band had a guest: Silvano Aguilera, WOSLOM’s guitarist/vocalist, sharing the vocals with Rafinha) and “Rising”, just to name a few. But this DVD has some bonuses: the official videos for “Rising”, “Alma Escancarada” (made entirely as an animated cartoon) and the lyric video for “The Last Man of Earth”, along with a session of live pictures from the band, having “Mind’s Slavery” as musical theme.

On the CD, we have the same show of the DVD, but it’s an option when you just want to hear the songs, but PANZER gaves us one more thing: their 3 songs EP “Brazilian Threat”, released on 2012 and only on digital free form, here is included as a bonus, so we finally can have it to listen at high volumes and disturb the peace as we want (to revenge ourselves from those boring guys with cars with high volumes that throw musical trash in our ears. And here in Brazil, especially on Rio de Janeiro, is something natural).

The Brazilian threat is unleashed stronger day after day, and want to deaf your ears!

Surrender or be smashed by this Brazilian war tank!

5 Star Rating


01. Speedy
02. Affliction
03. Red Days
04. The Morning After
05. The Last Man On Earth
06. Heretic
07. Intruders
08. Savior
09. I Wanna Make You Pay
10. Burden of Proof
11. Victim of Choices
12. Rejected
13. N.S.A.
14. Rising


1. Speedy
2. Affliction
3. Red Days
4. The Morning After
5. The Last Man On Earth
6. Heretic
7. Intruders
8. Savior
9. I Wanna Make You Pay
10. Burden of Proof
11. Victim of Choices
12. Rejected
13. N.S.A.
14. Rising
15. Burden of Proof (from EP Brazilian Threat)
16. Red Days (from EP Brazilian Threat)
17. Hastening to Death (from EP Brazilian Threat)
Rafinha Moreira – Vocals
André Pars – Guitars
Rafael DM – Backing Vocals & Bass
Edson Graseffi – Drums
Record Label: Shinigami Records


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