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Panzer Squad – Ruins

Panzer Squad
by V. Srikar at 02 September 2018, 6:41 PM

Teutonic Thrash has always been a sweet spot for me within Metal. And to get to review an old school Thrash band from Germany is something I always wanted to do. So here we have PANZER SQUAD’s 2nd full length album “Ruins”, which just released this August 31st. The albums doesn’t let you settle you down with any sweet tender stuff initially as it “Extinction” runs amok havoc in your ears with really impressive old school Thrash, with gang vocals. “Death Toll” is similar in its tempo, but has riffs that are less chaotic and more haphazard. Having said that, the overall vibe of the song is still old school and somewhat chaotic at best. "Escapist' and "Sewer Rat" are similar in their chaos, but the latter has some variations due to its guitar solos, and slower juicy hair lifting Thrash riffs. “Societal Funeral“ is a great ‘fuck you’ song to the society, reminiscent of what KREATOR songs used to be or still are.

Singular Purpose“ is one of the finer songs in the album, with both fast paced chaos and clean riffs at play. The rest of the album goes on a similar tangent of chaotic old school Thrash, with occasional juicy hair lifting riffage, and the occasional slower track like “Delusionist” and “Shut In” (which also offers you some short and sharp solos). “Victims of War” is a 1 min quick outburst of Thrash, which on 2nd listen felt rather out of sort in the album. “Zombie Shot” is a perfect live song for you to start a moshpit. “After the Bombs” has some great slower parts and equally great guitar solos, but it’s the Thrash chaos that will leave a mark on you. The album ends with a cover of Swedish hardcore band SHITLICKERS song “Warsystem

The album has lyrical themes of war and death and the music works perfectly. Albeit its monotony and lack of variety and flavour, “Ruins” is sure to impress fans of old school Thrash for what it is, and their live shows must be insane.

Production: 8
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Extinction
2. Death Toll
3. Escapist
4. Sewer Rat
5. Societal Funeral
6. Singular Purpose
7. Shut In
8. Victims of War
9. Delusionist
10. Approaching the End
11. Zombie Shot
12. After the Bombs
13. Warsystem (Shitlickers Cover)
Tobi – Guitar, Vocals
Sven - Bass
Henni – Drums
Record Label: Testimony Records


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