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PanzerBastard - Centurion

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 December 2010, 2:12 AM

Welcome to the downward pits of the underground. Hailing for the rough ends of Boston, it’s the mechanized war machine of PANZERBASTARD. This band was forged four years ago by a number of guys from several bands around their area. Through a unified effort they created a plundering gloomy monster sent from below. Black as it maybe, their sound production can confirm that, PANZERBASTARD share many influences that some of them even not connected to Metal such as from Punk, Hardcore and Crust. However, from what I can infer from the band's latest EP release of "Centurion", the band's Metal elements still reigns their musical pattern.

The five songs presented on "Centurion" presents a much darker side of the band, not that its not darkened already. Two wonderful covering versions of two CELTIC FROST tracks, "I Won't Dance" and the chilling "The Usurper", made me think that PANZERBASTARD should cling to Metal. Besides those two covers, PANZERBASTARD's musical path is really not something hard to accomplish. My opinion about their Metal side stands after I heard another track displayed on the EP as "Fatherless Son Of The War Machine", a sample from the band's compilation of "2006-2009", seemed a bit banal to me. I am not saying because this song is rather a Punk affiliated tune, yet, I didn't see something special in it. Nevertheless, in the band's new track, coming afterwards, "Lifewaster", might seem to be better than it's previous contender, yet, it didn't match the powerful CELTIC FROST deeply influenced "Centurion". Through this title track, PANZERBASTARD presented something that belongs to the CELTIC FROST era of "Into The Pandemonium" or "To Mega Therion", that is dirty, raw, yet, somewhat intelligent darkness.

In overall, PANZERBASTARD created high expectations in me from what will be issued on their upcoming album, which is in the process of making. "Centurion", from my end, elevated the notion that this band should keep their Metal closer rather than other influences which they might have used in the past. As I see it, I see PANZERBASTARD as a new kind of a twisted version to the demised CELTIC FROST. I hope they won't let down on their upcoming album.

4 Star Rating

  1. I Won't Dance (CELTIC FROST cover)
  2. The Usurper (CELTIC FROST cover)
  3. Fatherless Son Of The War Machine
  4. Lifewaster
  5. Centurion
Keith Panzer - Bass, Vocals
Andrew Bastard - Guitar, Vocals
Hollywood Bobby - Guitar
Slarcus - Drums
Record Label: Patac Records


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