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Panzerkrieg 666 - Wolfpack

Panzerkrieg 666
by Metal Mark Garcia at 08 March 2023, 2:40 PM

Books and films about controversial matters are done not as apologies, but to show the deep chasm of cruelty that humankind bears. And in music, things aren’t different, as it is (as the others named above) an expression of the arts. It means that a band that deals with war themes doesn’t necessarily is a fascist act. And it’s the case of the German duet PANZERKRIEG666 shown on their first release, this 5-songs EP called “Wolfpack”. The band’s musical work can be said as a form of War/Black Metal extremely aggressive and brutal, influenced by acts as MARDUK (due some extremely fast parts, as can be heard on “Grand Commander”). But hold your horses: these words don’t mean that these two guys are a copy, and they’re not even near of it.

It’s harsh and bitter, oppressive and sounds as a war tank passing over use, crushing your bones and flesh. But even in this way, one can check that under this heavy aggressiveness, there are think minds fuelling their songs with personal ideas. If you’re a Black Metal fan that enjoys brutality, this EP is for you. The band recorded, mixed and mastered the album at their own studio (Panzerkrieg666 Headquarter, maybe a home studio), and looked for something dry and sharp, aggressive and defined. And things worked in a good in in such direction being defined and clean, but brutal and aggressive. Of course it could be done in a better way, but’s good by now. There are five atomic warheads on this EP, all of them menacing to explode your ears.

“Grand Commander” is a brutal and fast song, with sharp and aggressive guitar riffs (but pay attention to some good arrangements on the six strings in slower parts). On “Panzerkrieg 666” the speed decreases, but the aggressiveness and weight increases to the point of causing aches in the eardrums, and what a dynamical rhythmic work of bass guitar and drums. Again attacking at full speed, “Wartorn” is filled with catchy aggressive parts, and with very good tunes on the vocals. And again speeding at Black Metal limits is “Hiding Assassins”, where some War/Black Metal elements are clear, especially due some rhythmic shifts. And to bring a massive chaos into the brains of the fans, “Wolfpack” is annihilation in form of music, with sharp and cold guitars, and the vocals are great again.

In the booklet of the EP, the band states clear: they’re not a Nazi band at all. So it’s clear that simple fans can enjoy as they want PANZERKRIEG666’s music, and “Wolfpack” is just the beginning.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Grand Commander
2. Panzerkrieg 666
3. Wartorn
4. Hiding Assassins
5. Wolfpack
MvM - Vocals
HvS - All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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