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Papa Roach - Metamorphosis (CD)

Papa Roach
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 16 April 2009, 9:28 AM

Ok, I know This is not Metal so, why is it in the METAL TEMPLE you could be thinking? Well, I think the answer would be I really don't know, maybe because they are on tour with MOTLEY CRUE If fact this is the reason why I chose to review the new PAPA ROACH album. I had the chance to attend to last year's 'Crue Fest' where the US band made me change the looking glass I was using on them. I know that their mainstream, easy to digest and that the Rock meets Nu-Grunge (I really hate the 'nu' term) gave them some high selling numbers and a couple of platinum awards to go with but; but their energetic on-stage performance and (I think) their honest attitude reminded me that watching a band live is one of the most important judging criterion.
I think I covered my back for this review, so it is best to move on to the music itself until our roads will meet again and most likely in a summer festival will…
Days Of War leads to Change Or Die that is the first reason to smile. The guitars have been brought to the front introducing catchy riffs and -of course- addictive melodies. The song is an energy pump that gives you a hint for their live performances. Hard hitting drums and Grunge guitars are the main elements surrounding the sing along chorus lines. I think that PAPA ROACH have earned and learned a lot by walking the touring road with MOTLEY CRUE. I mean they sound heavier and less mainstream and this by itself is a good thing.
Hollywood Whore is one of my personal favorites and not only due to the catchy guitar work but also due to the ironic lyrics that 'strip off' the classic 'Hollywood female attitude.' (ok and lately male one) Jacoby Shaddix has added a harsh layer in his voice taking a step away from the mellow profile from The Paramour Sessions. The same guitar atmosphere continues in I Almost Told You That I Loved You although the US groovy-tempo approach is the main issue. The sound production kicks major ass establishing the bass guitar in the solid rhythm section boosting even more the party-like feeling. Lifeline is the classic PAPA ROACH radio/club hit; a slower tempo with catchy and humming along melodies that (I think) are saved by the yet again more metallish guitar work. In Into The Light Mick Mars (of course from MOTLEY CRUE) lays a nice 'flanger' guitar solo that really boosts the entire song and in a certain level the whole album. I think it is about for PAPA ROACH to re-consider their thoughts on adding solos in their songs.
Things continue to slow down as the album progresses with the mellow and kind of depressive Had Enough while it touches the Seatle based Grunge scene in Live This Down (yes SOUNDGARDEN are in my mind) I think PAPA ROACH are extremely good in writing nice choruses pumping some extra energy in their music and wrapping them up with melodic bridges that can really lift the crowds in concerts. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that this album -and maybe this music genre- is meant only to be heard only live where it can deliver its power. It's kind of difficult to put this CD in your player unless you are in a party mood. Nevertheless, music is here to 'dress' your mood and feelings so I do not have a problem with PAPA ROACH's composing approach.
The bottom line is that in this album you won't find 'deep' meanings or any hard hitting Metal tunes (fuck even the solos are extremely rare) but you will get some nice melodies that can lift your mood up and sometimes make you move.

3 Star Rating

Days Of War
Change Or Die
Hollywood Whore
I Almost Told You That I Loved You
Had Enough
Live This Down
March Out Of The Darkness
Into The Light
Carry Me
Nights Of Love
State Of Emergency
Jacoby Shaddix - Vocals
Jerry Horton - Guitar
Tobin Esperance - Bass
Tony Palermo - Drums
Record Label: Dreamworks Records


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