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Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost (CD)

Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 21 March 2005, 2:17 PM

Paradise Lost have often been described as the band who spawned the whole damn genre, or Britain's biggest musical risk takers, or the true dark Metal lords and many more interesting things. The truth though is this. They are back with heavier wares and we must expect them to once again lead the pack. Even though they seemed to be a bit lost outside of musical paradise,  into the lungs of hell of indecisiveness and instability, with their previous record and this current album they seem to be reconquering the throne and finding again their place in our body, heart and mind. Lost In Paradise but with full consciousness,  baby!  
The whole record represents Paradise Lost in a fine balance with their traditional (post-Draconian Times era) Heavy/Rock blended successfully and interestingly enough, with a more fresh musical approach regarding certain key parts or vocal filters thrown around here and there. Nick's voice can be heard very clearly, and his vocal lines may haunt you for the rest of your day. Mr. Holmes' lyrics still remain of high quality and their meaning will definitely provide us with courage and give meaning to our lives also providing answers to certain of our internal questions. Their musical approach has remained almost steady compared to their previous album, Symbol Of Life (2002), but has quite interesting differences if you focus on Believe In Nothing (2001).
The opening track Don't Belong is really majestic and brings back memories from the equivalent majestic of Enchantment from Draconian Times (1995). Additional female voices add intensity and lyrical atmosphere to the album especially in songs such as Forever After. There are of course one or two not so inspired moments (sorry Greg and Nick) but those who spoil the whole artistic proposition! If you don't fancy the last three Paradise Lost albums and you are strictly only a pre-Icon (1994) fan then there are not many interesting things here for you! However the undoubted truth is that these guys have changed their style dramatically from their first steps in the valleys of the state of being not recognisable to the hills of artistic immortality they have now conquered!
The first single Forever After is definitely going to conquer Rock air space and certain Rock club time! It is a very Paradise Lost catchy type of song and it is - as expected very easily - to be sung by us all day long! The String Dub Mixes of Don't Belong and Over the Madness are only available on the Digipack version of the album, which also contains the video for Forever After.  Let me Drown and A Side You'll Never Know are only available on the 5-Track version of the single Forever After. The DVD contains film from the Paradise Lost photo shoot, making of Forever After and live footage from December 2004. The rest of the songs (in a total of five songs) from the single are: Through the Silence, Sanctimonious.
Top moments off this Heavenly Lost mega band for this current artistic proposal are: Don't Belong, Forever After, Accept The Pain and Spirit amongst others. So sit back, take a deep breath until your inner soul concentrates on your mental self and the answers you so desperately seek and just press play on Paradise Lost! If you'd rate Draconian Times with 5 out of 5 discs then Paradise Lost undoubtedly goes for a…

4 Star Rating

Don't Belong
Close Your Eyes
Forever After
Sun Fading
Laws of Cause
All You Leave Behind
Accept the Pain
Over the Madness
Nick Holmes - Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh - Guitars
Aaron Aedy - Guitars
Steve Edmondson - Bass
Record Label: EMI Records


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