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Paragon - Force Of Destruction Award winner

Force Of Destruction
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 November 2012, 4:32 PM

I don’t know why but it felt to me that this here release presented itself as if it was an all along hidden treasure buried in a darkened coven six feet under the ground or in the nebulous places of the deep sea. All the same I can effortlessly say that it was the outgrowth of a group wishing to blast hard after a long time, like taking off a crude load that made their lives tougher. Truth be told, these eleven creations before you are the bear fruit of the band’s longstanding guitarist that has his fair share of experience and knowledge of how to make things tick and kick one’s brains out. This is the initial story of the new PARAGON album, “Force Of Destruction”, released via Massacre Records. I wouldn’t conjure that this album is a sort of comeback after four years because PARAGON has been known to stick to their guns being constant old school Metalheads and they didn’t leave the Metal town. As usual they have been charging in the accustomed German traditional Metal straightforwardness in the vein of ACCEPT, GAMMA RAY, RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER and IRON SAVIOR but with the militarized orientation of MANOWAR and WIZZARD, yet trust me that their lyrics are slightly more mature than the two latter bands.

The war machine “Force Of Destruction”’s recipe is rather well known and in general rather conventional to craft. The album was produced by IRON SAVIOR’s architect Piet Sielck, which also made quite an active guest appearance on the album. PARAGON’s sound, in comparison to “Screenslaves” of 2008, is that its nature came closer to IRON SAVIOR’s and its sharpened edge. Such an addictive sound pattern that is hard to let go and it also fits the band’s confrontational image. Surely that Sielck was chosen wisely by this group. As for the material I believe that the main aspect that stands in front of everything, as in any type of PARAGON album, not that there are too many types, is the emphasis on being ultimately victorious, to protect and serve the legacy, the flame of the music that would never cease to exist. The material on this album crossed between Speed Metal outbursts and fast trill guitar rhythms and boosted drumming resembling the charge of swarming armies of steel to the side of chief Metal anthems championed by an amazing vocal section that is both brutish and charming. These authoritative anthems and devastating soloing could only be forged in the burning flames of pure German steel because there are barely those that can do it better and aggressive.

I could help not banging my head to might be considered as simplistic and derivative rhythms while letting their paramount powers to horde my thoughts and feelings, but in PARAGON’s case I didn’t care because first they never stopped doing it and it has been more than nearly twenty three years, and secondly because they truly know how to remit their compositions and what exact nerves to touch in order to process their will to their devoted fans and listeners. It began with the invasion of “Iron Will” that clearly set the tone that these guys aren’t fucking around; it is pure vengeance, unadulterated ferocity but in such a superb quality, by the book of Heavy Metal and none would be able to stop the machine from heading forward. This song presents compelling riffing, bombastic rhythms and a triumphant chorus that can easily be a sing along chant. “Gods of Thunder“ is slight leg off the paddle but still sounding strong with mid tempo heavy main riff that sounds like glory old days. PARAGON might not be checking out new things but in their business, they proved that they are one of the best. Once again another explosive slow tempo IRON SAVIOR meets GAMMA RAY chorus made in such grace. “Blood & Iron”, featuring the mighty guest appearance of Piet Sielck and another god in the European Metal scene, Kai Hansen, both on vocals aiding PARAGON in one of their best epic songs. Essentially like a BLACK SABBATH oriented riffages, especially the main riff that seemed like something out of SABBATH’s late 80s and early to mid 90s. It is a true darkened track and upgraded by the two guests fine performance. Not a moment of boredom, no sir. “Demon's Lair” is a sort of a metallic ballad, delivered with quite an agony, like a sob story. I must say that Andreas Babuschkin stood strong on this one as I have never took him as a vocalist that can perform in rather poignant songs, but good for him he made it through and with greatness. The song itself it rather simple but still shares the power of its fellow tracks.

“Force Of Destruction” is one of those albums that would fit nicely to those that are truly in for the music, looking for the real thing, the power surges and atmospheric nature of the classic stuff. I urge you to head on and buy this one because it would guarantee you a mighty experience.

4 Star Rating

1. The Last Day on Earth
2. Iron Will
3. Tornado
4. Gods of Thunder
5. Bulletstorm
6. Blood & Iron (Feat. Piet Sielck & Kai Hansen)
7. Blades of Hell
8. Dynasty
9. Rising From The Black
10. Demon's Lair
11. Secrecy 
Andreas Babuschkin– Vocals
Wolfgang Tewes– Guitars
Jan Bertram– Guitars / Backing Vocals
Jan Bunning– Bass / Backing Vocals
Christian Gripp - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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