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Paralysis - Mob Justice Award winner

Mob Justice
by Robert Amer at 18 June 2020, 11:57 AM

New Jersey crossover quartet PARALYSIS puts forth a strong showing in their second full-length release, “Mob Justice”. The album is packed with tracks that makes the listener want to jump into a circle pit or send spit flying into the air, screaming along to the choruses; both of which people are itching to get back to once we can return to live shows. In the meantime listening to albums will have to suffice, and this one will definitely make you long for your local music venue packed with other music fans.

The opening self-titled track provides a good introduction and segues into “Master Manipulator,” a mid-tempo appetizer of what the listener will become more acquainted with as the album goes on: shorter songs that are varied in stimulating ways,. “Oblivious” begins with a groovy bass bit before taking a markedly more aggressive course. The song structure, lyrics, and the prominent bass sections, and the preparation and execution of the breakdown make this one stand out. Out of the wreckage of the final breakdown, “Tombstone” speeds off into the thrashy first verse of this short jolt of a track before opening up into a sustained breakdown section. A video was released for “Cut Short,” another standout on the album, and can be found below. It is memorable across the board, but its chorus and guitar solo section especially stand out. “Vessel Of Behavior” is also excellent in its structure and has some of the most memorable lyrics, which will make for an excellent combination live. The album finishes strong with “Had Enough,” leaving the listener wanting more.

Fans of crossover thrash will love this album. PARALYSIS constructs expertly crafted songs to destroy the surroundings they will eventually be played in. The structures are varied in an organic and fluid way that is never short on brutality. The musical performances are tight: The vocals by Jon Plemenik are perfect for the band’s sound while also playing guitar; Patrick Harte has some featured moments on bass that compliment the songs well; It is great to hear the multi-talented Ron Iglesias shred on this album and in the video below after seeing him sing his face off with TOXIK recently; And finally, Samith Force is excellent throughout the album, seamlessly nailing all of the transitions and holding everything together on the drums. Fantastic album. Great band. Hopefully they will be able to play for a public sooner rather than later.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mob Justice
2. Master Manipulator
3. Oblivious
4. Tombstone
5. Onward to Slaughter
6. Nihilist
7. Cut Short
8. Yet I Stay
9. Vessel of Behavior
10. Had Enough
Jon Plemenik - Vocals/Guitar
Patrick Harte - Bass
Ron Iglesias - Guitar
Samith Force - Drums
Record Label: No Dust Records


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