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Param-Nesia – Aspect of Creation

Aspect of Creation
by Ben Gardiner at 03 August 2021, 10:28 PM

Brutal Technical Death Metal from Vancouver, "Aspect of Creation" is a five track delve into blisteringly fast blasts, melodic guitar rhythms, an unwavering vocal performance from Cayle Charlton, "Aspect of Creation" attests to a band with brilliant capability and creativity.

Pestilence Of Man” opens the EP with a non-distinct, industrial type soundscape. This atmosphere is soon smashed by the colossal sounding snare and deep guitar tone. In this song the band experiments with lots of pace changes. Seamlessly blending 16th and 8th note drumbeats, with the sweeping guitar riff creating the playground for the drums to stretch out in. Cayle Charlton’s vocals are perfect for the sound, giving the music its Metalcore element.

Forsaken,” my personal favourite track, gifts clean, speedy blast beats upon to the listener. It is a fantastic Death Metal focused song, with breakdown and higher pitched vocals at parts. Great double bass and guitar solo section towards the end, with some phenomenal growling screams from the singer.

Lethocerus” is a darker, more emotive twist for the EP. It has lots of interesting progressive drum sections and a great guitar melody throughout. It reminds me of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME in that it perfectly blends technical instrumentation with great heavy song writing.

The Death Metal drumming combined with the slower, melodic guitar patterns in “Home” makes for an interesting Prog Metalcore track. The snare central build ups into a wall-of-noise-breakdown are the highlight of the song and is utilized a couple of times throughout.

I love the patient build up in “Journey to Nothing” with the stripped back guitar crescendo and the amazingly natural sounding drums. Separating itself from the faster more explosive song intros they have previously delivered. The song is a fantastic finale in the way that it blends all of the songwriting techniques and is the best tribute to the band’s musical ability. Derek Hill’s rapid double bass pedal, and a throaty guttural vocal performance, with plenty of exciting technical riffs throughout. Ending much as it started, with another great build up into a monstrous Death Metal finale, before fading out into sonic darkness.

"Aspect of Creation" is an immensely heavy, technical Metalcore EP with all killer and no filler. Clean production, with every instrument being heard clearly, leaving no chance of missing any musical details, quality songwriting, with every member demonstrating proficiency in their craft. PARAM-NESIA are wonderfully talented, and I look forward to many more future releases.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  8


4 Star Rating

1. Pestilence Of Man
2. Forsaken
3. Lethocerus
4. Home
5. Journey To Nothing
Derek Hill - Drums
Colton Hession - Bass
Andy Cahalin - Guitar
Cayle Charlton - Vocals
Matt Burnham - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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