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Parisian Walls - The Eternal Hunter

Parisian Walls
The Eternal Hunter
by Isha Shah at 14 January 2015, 10:53 AM

The French quintet, PARISIAN WALLS release their first full-length 10-tracked album titled “The Eternal Hunter”brining you both of the two.

With such little information about the band and their sound, this record seems to be the first real encounter into the world of PARISIAN WALLS and what they are about. With clear metal influences of the deathly sounds coming from Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus, their sent is certainty found within the album, with similar tones explored.

Entrance track “Hunting Season” provides a slow and steady start to the record with its walking intro that soon gathers its tension. Arsene Le Corre’s vocals are then introduced too soon, for the destructive chorus to take a hold of the track and give it shape. Still sounding like an intro with the build up beat, the track ends too short of breath, dissolving into “Pushover” which retains energy levels high.

This track boosts the band aura as it keeps an animated vibe bouncing around the room with its catchy beat and complex guitar chords. Picking up the pace, vocally as well the track has allowed us to take a look into the bands actual sound and how they vary.

As the album progresses it is clear that the band have followed along, with clear signs of improvement and mastered sound, “You Are The Enemy” does hit strong in terms of entertainment and enjoyable sounds. With no alike song, each to their own, the band has collectively added a variety of tracks that compliment their talent accordingly, showing off their skills and clear dedication to the music. The only downfall I would add, would be its length appears shorter than reality, as with a whole play through you are left finished before you can find yourself getting truly comfortable with the sound.

The latter tracks of “From the City of Light” and “My Determination” both prove heavy in pitch and breakdown with mammoth riffs breaking through that scream, “have a mosh”, these two tracks stand out from the rest.

Overall marking “The Eternal Hunter” to be a solid album of 2014.

3 Star Rating

1. Hunting Season
2. Pushover
3. Europe Is a Museum
4. You are The ENEMY
5. Keep On Hustlin’
6. From the City of Light
7. My Determination
8. Bloody On My Hands Run
9. The Immoralist
10. Sons Of Dionysus
Arsene Le Corre - Vocals
Richard De Melo - Guitar
Pierre-Yves Philippe - Guitar
David Muller - Drum
Jordane Smith - Bass
Record Label: Useless Pride Records


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