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Parity Boot - Into Nothing (CD)

Parity Boot
Into Nothing
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 31 May 2009, 1:35 PM

I was interested in this SAOL thing right from the start, since such a move (if I have clearly understood how this works) is totally supportive for bands that want to release and promote their material themselves. This… movement let's say, has helped many talented bands show their work. One of them, is PARITY BOOT, the latest release I got from this label. I advise you to read this review since these guys have some interesting things to teach you.

PARITY BOOT's story starts in the mid 90's, when two musicians (one of them being Mathias) met and started this band. Since then various things have happened like the release of some demos, as well as some shows as supporting act to MOB RULES and STORMWARRIOR. The band thought that it was about time for their first ever full-length effort, so they came to an agreement with SAOL and the band's debut album is officially out. Are they worth your attention?

I am sure they are! First of all, because the music they play is not that common in the scene, something that its fans crave for more since only a few bands choose the specific musical path. You are probably wondering what is that they play. Just imagined this industrialized Thrash Metal STRAPPING YOUNG LAD play, with a touch of modern melody, something like the last DAGOBA album. That's kind of what these guys are into. Into Nothing is full of clever riffs and these classic epic passages with the heavy as fuck guitars. The totally Industrial background that Dominik and Jorg create is the best possible way this album could be completed, and last but not least, thumbs up for the great production. The sound is crystal clear and exactly how it should be for this kind of music.

What I also didn't expect was the great vocal performance of the band's singer. Even his high-pitched vocals in the melodic bridges are amazing. It is nice to see bands daring to play something so demanding, and offering works that are really rare in the Metal scene. These German maniacs show that the underground hides many shiny gems. You just have to open your eyes and see them…

4 Star Rating

Into Nothing
Until We're Strong
The Void
Dying Here
No More Lies
All Is Gray
Stare And Burn
Mathias - Vocals, Guitar
Eike - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jorg - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dominik - Drums
Record Label: SAOL/HArt


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