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Parkcrest - ...And That Blue Will Turn to Red

...And That Blue Will Turn to Red
by Kevin Lewis at 27 July 2020, 5:46 PM

Formed in 2011, PARKCREST is a Thrash Metal band from Santiago, Chile. Representing the western part of South America, you can tell there are some old school Thrash Metal influence at play here, though these guys are not stuck “back in the day”. They tend to adhere to the heavier side of Thrash, more in line with SEPULTURA, KREATOR and DARK ANGEL. Released on October 21, 2019, “…And That Blue Will Turn To Red” is the bands second full-length album. It was originally released independently, though it has been picked up by Awakening Records, which will hopefully provide better marketing and distribution.

The first track on this record, “Impossible To Hide”, is an eight-minute punishing piece that start with an intro that belies what is to come. Once the song kicks in properly, the pace is blistering and the tempo lightning fast. Dealing with hatred for a lost love, I wouldn’t want to be the target for these guys rage. “Darkest Fear” in turn speaks of the loneliness of isolation and the realization that life is futile and God has abandoned us. Not to worry though, someone else is waiting to welcome you. In a similar vein, “Possessed By God” talks of the loss of innocence at the hands of religious people.

There is an instrumental song on this record, “Dwelling Of The Moonlights”. This is the only song that does not speak of desolation and internal torment. It’s 7:15 of varying rhythms and patterns. Slow, fast and frenetic. It is a well-done piece which highlights the bands ability to string together some different tempos and aural textures into a nice coherent piece that leaves the listener with a smile on their face. As a fan of instrumentals, this one holds its’ own against others I’ve heard over the last 40 years of loving music.

PARKCREST definitely has issues with God and organized religion. Having struggled with some of the same things in my past, I relate to the lyrics quite well. Not all is anger at God or the clergy. Some anger is reserved for those who have done them wrong. Whether in love or in life, betrayal is something everyone can relate to on some level. This a group of musicians who can speak that truth and vent that anger at high speed and with a sinister undertone.

PARKCREST is a raucous band with a taste for speed and intricate melodies that include lead bass tracks and drumming that rivals some of the best in the Thrash arena. Capable of blast beats and intricate patterns, Nicolás Villanueva is a beast on the skins. Cristoffer Pinto holds his own against the dual guitar attack of Javier Salgado and Diego Armijo, which is no small feat. The pace this band maintains for the entirety of this album is gloriously exhausting. With no clean vocals, the frenetic pace of the rhythm is matched by the intensity of the growls. Give this a few listens, then a few more. PARKCREST is a really good Thrash Metal band.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Impossible To Hide
2. Darkest Fear
3. Punished In Life
4. Possessed By God
5. Midnight Chasm
6. Dwelling Of The Moonlights
7. Hatred 'Till Die
8. Tired And Guilty
9. …And That Blue Will Turn To Red
Javier Salgado – Vocals/Guitar
Cristoffer Pinto – Bass
Nicolás Villanueva – Drums
Diego Armijo – Guitar
Record Label: Awakening Records


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