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Parricide - Crude (Reissue)

Crude (Reissue)
by Craig Rider at 27 January 2021, 12:53 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PARRICIDE; signed via Awakening Records, hailing from Polish grounds - performing Death Metal/Grindcore, on their 3rd album entitled: "Crude" (released December 12th, 2020). Since formation in 1990; the quartet in question have 4 Demos, 6 Splits, 2 Compilations and 8 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 3rd release entitled: "Crude". 12 tracks ranging at around 39:19; PARRICIDE arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal/Grindcore amalgamations.

Who'd have thought a Death Metal act would implement an orchestral opera infused with classic based elements… got ya, this one certainly doesn't but the sinister yet solaceful opening "Conditional Infinite" almost suggested that they would. Until bombarding eardrums with this thunderous assault in blistering frenzies, and boisterously bouncy calamities in which rampage with wildly rushing pursuits on slaying grinds. Intense lacerations ruthlessly piledrives you with ripping yet robust momentums of savagely scorching remedies, with a brimming overdose on rawly rough punchiness that rumbles with reverberating mayhem. Trailblazing hooks fret into a blitzing distinction on rampantly rompy grooves, fabricating amplified adrenaline and deadly but meticulous malevolence that will rattle with skyrocketing vehemence while utilizing technical pandemonium for good measure.

Consisting of Mariusz Staniuk on bass/vocals; the front man excels at a deep, guttural foundation in borderline growls which roar with raspy throatiness while snaring with tight gnarliness…injecting an infectiously driven grandeur in relentless thumpiness, where jumpy bass executes bulldozing bruisers but aligned into a distorted contortion with venomously weighty perseverance. Persistently showcasing viciously volatile maelstrom substance, "Nothing Twice" revels with sonically seamless shrieks that soar with twinning guitar assaults from Albert Kraczkowski & Piotr Sabarański. Both experiment in hostile dexterity, dynamically throttling with rapidly swift organics & nimble quirkiness that vibrantly steamrolls with tempestuous melodies that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time - riffs scream with raging gravitation in which merged with monstrously meaty impulsion.

"Narrow-Minded" demonstrates a fierce flow of speedy velocities, chiselling aggression intensely creates a blackened but deathly synergy on monolithic tempos & rambunctiously steely drum hammering from  Artur Raszka. Imploding combustible rift patterns that supply pummelling pounds of slamming sturdiness. Thudding with concretely gritty chugs that rivet with frolicking firepower, galloping radness & while stomping with crunchy chunkiness that will possess the inner demon of Metal elitism within you…overtaking your soul with symbolic retribution. "Mad Arrives" (Madness Arrives; might have been the better correction?) Opens up with this doom-laden, deathly aesthetic; until stampeding with quaking virtuosity, rampaging stomps and hefty triggers scour with ripping shreds while quintessentially scattering these clattering guitars in intensely furious systematics that grumbles into an impactful articulate of crushingly barbaric bestiality.

"Indignation" continues frantically belting those resounding drum cymbal echoes; while sweeping with  primal potency, hastening an incredible force in dashing hardiness & a complex yet veracious craftsmanship assaults…attributing in exhilarating guitar swoops that in turn pulsate with sulfurous but bleeding blasphemy. Jarring with outrè substances that portray rollicking panache, not quite blast-beat territory yet this solid slab of trembling manifestations swamp speakers with unrelenting malice. “Pandemic Destruction” (a fitting yet ominous title for current times we live in) outbursts with more malevolent upheaval, tenacious tribulations unleash maniacal yet wicked melodies while brutalizing diligently detailed drills in which stomps with outrageous uproar & noise terror extremities in furore but infernal harshness - while maddening yet speedy atrocities fastens an inhuman intensity for all headbanging crazies to profane an evil empowering embodiment onto your souls to.

Intoxicating Despair” towers with more unrestrained stability, widespread chaos harnesses berserking rhythms that unleashes insanely intense devilments…as crushing havoc bombs eardrums like a cannonade crescendo hellbent on strafing through as if it were this raging torpedo. “Deceived” revels with these hefty but clashing fundamentals in flexible but cutting-edge and foreboding effects, as a revolving oscillation swivels with ponderous thrusts while an energetic impulse captivates one with high-octane magnitude. Elsewhere, “Lofty Rhetoric” ramifies an immense boundary on nefarious noise terror…where versatile spectrums on zealous lunacy overtakes your presence, you try to resist the urge to go absolutely mental with the maximum resonance of lethal but killer contraptions PARRICIDE grip you with full force. Expect mountainous rebellion, as the band enrapture an ape shit shroud of ravening yet uncontrolling madness upon thee.

The next three tracks “I Feel Nothing” embellish in demo transparency now, where otherworldly loudness most notably provides this wicked sensation on summoning tribal tribulations while rearing with mighty yet strong & vigorous sounds that marvel with devilish empowerments, evolving with transformative experimentation in hybrid briskfulness. The penultimate belter: “Deranged” is exactly what the offering is described as, a demented but expeditious deliverance in deft and agility, blazing throttles that will surprise you with precision & massive songwriting performances tenfold.

Overall concluding “Crude” with the finale epic “Watched (By Shades)” I am compelled to say that PARRICIDE certainly brought forth a clobbering entrance on heated Death Metal severities that most definitely deserve a few handful of spins, worthy of discovering…as it is an enjoyably entertaining experience that makes me wonder if we will see a sudden resurgence of the band or Awakening Records just wanted to resurrect some old school sadism for the next generation of metal maniacs to venerate towards to ….do check it out, you’ll love it.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Conditional Infinity
2. Nothing Twice
3. Narrow-Minded
4. Mad Arrives
5. Indignation
6. Pandemic Destruction
7. Intoxicating Despair
8. Deceived
9. Lofty Rhetoric
10. I Feel Nothing
11. Deranged
12. Watched (By Shades)
Piotr Sabarański - Guitars
Albert Kraczkowski - Guitars
Mariusz Staniuk - Bass/Vocals
Artur Raszka - Drums
Record Label: Awakening Records


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