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Parricide - Fascination Of Indifference (Reissue)

Fascination Of Indifference (Reissue)
by Craig Rider at 27 January 2021, 2:47 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PARRICIDE; signed via Awakening Records, hailing from Polish grounds - performing Death Metal/Grindcore, on their debut album entitled: "Fascination Of Indifference" (released December 12th, 2020). Since formation in 1990; the quartet in question have 4 Demos, 6 Splits, 2 Compilations and 8 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their debut album entitled: "Fascination Of Indifference". 15 tracks ranging at around 59:56; PARRICIDE arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments. Released first by Baron Records in cassette form; resurrected from the dead by Awakening Records, including a 7 track "Rehearsal" demo; an execution of what PARRICIDE give us to discover in a portended deliverance on unleashing to the world on what they wanted to do within a mindful but defined direction, here I give you my thoughts on such titanic trials with as much detail as I can offer…

Opening up with this shouty yell, "Enslavery'' begins a tormenting roar of savagely sinister profanity. Blistering blasphemy chisels, a trailblazing outrè on rawly primitive distortion, frolicking chugs and punchy perseverance rattles skulls with mountainous malevolence. Monstrously meaty mayhem shreds with piledriving momentum, riveting this wildly rushing synergy on skyrocketing jumpiness. Groovy flamboyance elements a grindy experimentation in frenzied barrages, boisterously bouncy calamities and chaotic fretworks thunder with monolithic tempos that rumble with reverberating lacerations. Killing it with quintessential virtuosity, rompy rampancy & a borderline foundation on relentless strikes that pursuit with razor-sharp triggers that will unleash an evil empowering embodiment with your soul to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

Consisting of Młody on bass/vocals; the front man excels at a venomously volatile slab on some solid thumpiness that revels with rampaging results, ruthless pandemonium & deep guttural growls forge a tight ramification on weighty raspiness. Throaty soars surge with rough persistency, where the titular track bombards eardrums with ripping malice. Piercing with seamless vehemence in intensely belting bruisers in which rollick with exhilarating deadliness; "Swarving To Solitude" distils a diligently dexterous attack from twinning riffers Albert "Alek" Kraczkowski & Piotr Sabarański, the two tempestuously bulldoze in immersively rapid substance that showcases organic nimbleness & profusely robust systematics that storms with meticulous manifestations on technical tribulations - thudding with sturdy treads that will supply uniquely versatile vehemence for all speakers.

"Beyond All This" begins with these rambunctious drum hammerings from Racha; pummelling you with trembling progression, while slaying you with speedy veracity. The maddening warfare of quirky snappiness portrays punishing vibrancy, where sonic retribution shrieks with revving maelstrom stability. Sweeping guitars fret in hasty hooks, while the steamrolling bass grips you with outbursting impact. Demonstrating grizzly gnarliness, while perpetuating significant yet salubrious blitzkrieg for all headbanging crazies. "Nothing to Be Said" crafts an ambitious attribute in bludgeoning souls with crunchy chunkiness, where volatile yet sulphurous & steely precision stampedes you with inhumane barbarity. Concretely gritty clobbering harnesses heated flexibility in fundamental hostility, high-octane flickering & hardened heaviness scour with mandatory scatterings of adroit attrition.

"State of Mind'' conjures up thrilling transparencies on ominous extremities in maniacal remedies of diabolical empowerment, distributing a robotic maelstrom of pounding yet vicious velocity where the constant boundary elements an unruly swamp of noisy terror with contorted distortion on immersively intense yet maximum spectrums in brutalising songwriting musicianship that is all around wildly restless as can be. Contrasting into a complex but prodigiously prestigious heft in deathly harmonics, where "Ability of Comprehension" arms a brimming lambastation on some roudy slamming subjugation; while clattering drills, and upheaval tenacity merges with increasing bestiality. "Play Your Insanity" injects infectious clumpiness with plodding revelations, evolving into a hybrid grandeur of riled hysteria amplified into a dashing flair of adrenaline & unparalleled yet distinguished hooks.

Completing the main representation of tasteful Death Metal contingencies, the next part is essentially Disc 2 of demos of rehearsal recordings that Awakening Records have generously revealed to the world for the first time. Here's my thoughts, and analysis on that spin.

"Disturbing Thoughts" supplies crusty impulse as the sound production takes a leap into a demo-like territory, radically wicked crescendos and rambustious warfare establishes crisp fury. Tumultuous snarls smashes with very jackal heat, bleeding into a fierce correspondence in fast but filthy frolics in chaotic havoc hypnotism. Other worldly riffs swirl with intriguing haste, but flaired with knotty transparency. "Rot In Peace" drones a mendacious riff of stocky proportions, sludgy murkiness transcends with rhythmic pulverizations that strum onto ripping oscillations that revolves around an oozing smothering of slushy beats and immediate asperity. "Perpetual Fate" continues charging with those swinging vibrato patterns, swaying with vigorous ruggedness which relishes with husky beefiness. While "Outburst Of Fury" cascades a flowing aggression on outrageous temper, and a fueled aesthetic on wrathful turbulence.

"The Barboring Image" captivates one with these rotting slashes, round-housing blending grips with thorough but foreboding enticements - embellishing a captivating groove in fuzzy mechanics that runs amok into an intriguing but ape-like disorder of manic & uncontrollable but alarming panic. The penultimate track "Hidden Truth" clunks a continuous but gruelling clanging, where nothing but demented and jarring shakes jolts this vibrating pulsation on cacophonous instrumentation. While the overall concluding finisher "Cult Of Personality" (not to be confused with the classic from LIVING COLOUR); I am compelled to say that for a debut, PARRICIDE most certainly delivered a remarkable stench of uproarious clamour for their time.

An enjoyably entertaining listen which will please most fans of this sub-genre for sure, while the production isn't clean or fluidly polished - that's the virtue point of Death Metal, especially in its old school sensation. Surely worth a few handful of spins, if the pure intention is to possess yourself with some unbridled yet relentlessly motivating & viciously replayable enthusiasm. Awakening Records have gone into the catacombs of the underground, dusting off this treasure for all to experience for the future generation to witness & gaze upon - check it out, worthy of a few spins.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Enslavery
2. Fascination of Indifference
3. Swarving to Solitude
4. Beyond All This
5. Nothing to Be Said
6. State of Mind
7. Ability of Comprehension
8. Play Your Insanity
9. Disturbing Thoughts
10. Rot in Peace
11. Perpetual Fate
12. Outburst of Fury
13. The Barboring Image
14. Hidden Truth
15. Cult of Personality
Młody - Bass/Vocals
Albert "Alek" Kraczkowski - Guitars
Piotr Sabarański - Guitars
Racha - Drums
Mariusz Staniuk - Lyrics
Record Label: Awakening Records


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Edited 31 March 2023

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