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Parris Hyde - Unlock Your Freedom

Parris Hyde
Unlock Your Freedom
by Kevin Lewis at 20 June 2022, 8:53 AM

PARRIS HYDE is an Italian musician who gave this band his name. The songs are a mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal played in the style of a power trio. Vocal harmonies are scattered throughout, giving the disc a bit more depth. Many of the songs appear to be tongue in cheek, covering themes that are not all that standard. “Unlock Your Freedom” was released on April 8, 2022, via Music For The Masses.

The record opens with a short song that builds off Gregorian style chanting. The vocalization pattern they use is echoed in the melody. This works well and sounds quite enchanting.

The first full song is “Rock Is Dead (Long Live Metal)," which is apparently a jab at some of the old-school dudes that claim rock just is not the same as it used to be. Gene Simmons is not mentioned, but this does seem to be his catchphrase every time he needs to get back in the news or promote their latest retirement tour. I have to agree with Parris here, LONG LIVE METAL! Rock is not nearly as dead as some claim it to be. They are just old and dried up and haven’t created any decent music in far too long.

There are two songs about killing someone on this album, “I Loved You, I killed You” and “Secret Lover, Cruel Murder.” One is about killing a significant other, the other about killing her lover. A bit morbid, but this is metal, so not the first time we’ve heard about murder. The guitars are heavy and the rhythm is dark and foreboding. The vocals, especially the Arabesque intonations in the middle, are brusque and angry.

The power ballad on the disc is “Home Is Where the Heart Is.” This is one of the better constructed songs on the record. The vocals, especially in where the backing vocals are added in, are well-done and fit the song really well. The guitars are melodic, and the bass/drum lines are in synch with the tone of the track.

Requiem (For the Fallen Stars)” is an almost depressing track that is meant to be an honorarium for the lost, but not forgotten, heroes of the metal realm. Towards the end, they list off a number of deceased metal legends followed by a chant of “rest in peace.” Some of the honored souls are Randy Rhoades, Phil Lynott, Jeff Hanneman, Ronnie James Dio, Kevin Debrow, and Warrel Dane, showing the breadth of those remembered, unlike mainstream awards shows who seem to miss all the genres of Metal during their yearly “In Memorium” section.

There are three bonus tracks on this record, bringing the total to 14 songs. One song is from the previous album, one was a single put out during the pandemic, and the last is just a true bonus. Ranging from hard rock to funny, the tracks wrap the disc with a bit of a different feel, adding some extra tonal shifts to an already complex disc.

The recording is a bit rough on this and it sometimes feels a bit under-mixed and mastered. The songs are a bit chaotic in their order. It feels like the flow of the record is just a little off. The songs are good and each stand on their own, I just felt like the tempos and tones moved around too much without warning. It is still a good listen and some of the tracks are definitely going to hit the memory and play in my mental jukebox in the future.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Incipit
2. Rock Is Dead (Long Live Metal)
3. I Loved You, I Killed You
4. Home Is Where the Heart Is
5. Secret Lover, Cruel Murder
6. The Head Undead
7. The Lion of Kabul
8. We Belong to The Sea
9. The Way
10. Requiem (For the Fallen Stars)
11. Unlock Your Freedom
12. Hard to Find
13. Santa Wears No Mask
14. Mors Tua Vita Mea
Parris Hyde – Guitar/Vocals
Karl Teskio – Drums
Roby Kant – Bass
Record Label: Music For the Masses


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