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Paruis – The Signal Heard Throughout Space

The Signal Heard Throughout Space
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 August 2022, 7:38 AM

From Bandcamp, “The Signal Heard Throughout Space” will be the full-length debut for drummer Dan Silver, and the band's first release with keyboardist Sean Gallagher. “On the new album, PARIUS deftly combines the cohesive songwriting of bands like MASTODON and OPETH with the eccentricities of bands like MR. BUNGLE and THE MARS VOLTA. Produced with the illustrious and Grammy-nominated Jamie King, the record is a bona fide 60-minute rock opera.”

“Spacelog.0245” is the first song. The soft opening melodies are provided mostly by keyboards, then in comes the gruff, rousing riff. Bass guitar launches, and the melodies become more complex. It segues into “The Signal.” Beginning with a dark and heavy sound, the bass playing is very pronounced. The vocals are a bit eccentric, as the sound opens up. Smooth tones take over, and the Progressive elements are strong. “Suspended Animation” is a short little number, with soft piano and vocals. He talks about being alone, and not liking it. “Spaceflight Dementia” begins with eerie keyboards and heavy bass. Harsh vocals make their first entrance. The music is indeed a bit eccentric, as many of the melodies are smooth but dark.

“The Acid Lakes of Ganymede” is a ten-minute opus. It opens with a heavier and faster choppy riff playing in unison with the bass. The band shows their instrumental prowess in this song. Harsh vocals bring another element to the table. Alternating passages of faster pacing with slower pacing rally, but always with these dark undertones. “The Human Molecule” is another gloomy and somber offering, without any peaks of hope. I can’t say enough about the bassist…in many ways, he is the glue that holds these songs together. The sound revels in grey clouds throughout, with occasional harsh vocals here and there. “Contact!” is an odd song, with heavy accents and a hasty pace. The vocals have a rap cadence at times, and the instruments play very tightly together. “Dimension Y” is a funky song with bass slaps and more dreamy, sad tones. “The Outer Limit” probably refers to that part of space we can’t see. The song is slow, and strange, with mostly harsh vocals that are deep and guttural.

The 13-minute “Arecibo” closes the album. This song has some more hopeful tones, but they don’t last long. In the vein of other songs, you are taken on a ride, with several different elements taking center stage. Like RUSH, their musicianship is near flawless. This was an interesting album. While the band can clearly play, and play well, I wasn’t able to connect with some of the melodies in the way I had hoped. Many of the songs are dark in nature, and some of the chord progressions are odd. It’s pretty unique, however, so any fan of Progressive music will probably find something that they like. They used the word “eccentric,” and I find that sums of their sound very well.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Spacelog.0245
2. The Signal
3. Suspended Animation
4. Spaceflight Dementia
5. The Acid Lakes of Ganymede
6. The Human Molecule
7. Contact!
8. Dimension Y
9. The Outer Limit
10. Arecibo
Louis Thierry – Vocals
Ryan Rauch – Guitars
Kenny Rentz – Bass
Sean Gallagher – Keyboards
Dan Silver – Drums
Record Label: Willowtip Records


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