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Parzival's Eye - Defragments

Parzival's Eye
by Mark Sworder at 18 May 2015, 9:57 AM

The driving force behind PARZIVAL'S EYE is Chris Postl, bass player from long running German Progressive Rock band RPWL. As is often expected within the Progressive genre, side-projects arose, for both Postl and the other band members, the result of which was the album "Fragements" in 2009.

Now in 2015, Postl has returned to his solo project for a second outing, assembling a vast array of musicians and guests to work with him on the new, and appropriately titled, album called "Defragments".

The endless hours of care and craft that went into "Defragments" are immediately shown with the lengthy opening track, "Reach The Sky" - it's atmospheric, soothing and uplifting all at once. Featuring a beautiful arrangement that moves effortlessly between synths and samples, acoustic guitars and some great little lead licks, when you open yourself up to it, it really is an encompassing experience. The chorus feels particularly touching and resonant.

Musically, PARZIVAL'S EYE clearly take a lot of influences from the Progressive Rock bands that were abundant during the '70s. Melody is prevalent where other modern bands might prefer technicality. Anytime a keyboard or synthesiser gets a solo part is particularly enjoyable, and the modern production allows for these and other Progressive elements to be brought together better than was perhaps possible in past eras. This enables Postl to really go to town on the songs and arrangements, and allows all the guest musicians to demonstrate their skills.

Interestingly, on "Defragments", tribute is also paid to some of Postl's '70s prog heroes, with reinterpretations of songs by YES and SUPERTRAMP. Much more than just covers, PARZIVAL'S EYE offers a reinterpretation, and a development of these songs, and incorporate them expertly with their own sound that's present on the album. This further shows just how invested in this music Postl is, and is an endearing quality for any musician to show.

The only problem with this style of Progressive Rock is a strange one - the listener must really give themselves over to the music, in order for the interesting elements to shine through. When you do this, the experience is truly encompassing and rewarding. However, that's often easier said by done, and so sometimes, "Defragments" can lull and drag slightly, and seem to lack energy. This is more a comment on how the listener must approach an album like this though, rather than on the quality of the band itself!

Overall, PARZIVAL'S EYE have delivered a heartfelt, moving and superb quality album with "Defragments". Filled with feeling, emotion and expression, and crafted with so much love and attention, you can't help but buy into it after a few listens. If already a fan of the '70s style of Melodic, Progressive Rock music, the likelihood is, you'll find this hugely enjoyable. Those that don't, give this album the time that it deserves, and you might just find something in it that you didn't expect.

4 Star Rating

1. Reach The Sky
2. Liar
3. Out On The Street
4. Long Distance
5. Lift Me Up
6. Journeys
7. Walls In My Mind
8. Two Of Us
9. No Belief
10. Hiding Out
Chris Postl - vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass and mandolin
Ian Bairnson - guitars
Christina Booth - vocals
Vipo Maat - guitars
Stephan Treutter - drums
Tom Appel (guest) - vocals
Phil Paul Rissettio (guest) - drums
Martin Keeser (guest) - piano
Evi Melzer (guest) - backing vocals
Ossi Schaller (guest) - guitars
Record Label: Gentle Art of Music


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