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Passion - Passion

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 25 February 2020, 8:05 AM

PASSION was created by former NIGHT BY NIGHT vocalist, Daniel Rossall. In 2015 Rossall received a song idea from his friends in NIGHT BY NIGHTS. Ben Christo and Jonny Thornton had a verse and chorus idea for a song that originally started out as a parody. Rossall began working on the idea with Thornton in 2017 and subsequently finished the song at the end of the year. Throughout 2018, Rossall continued to create an album of material with the aim to release the finished product on Frontiers Records. The debut album contains ten tracks.

“Intensity” leads off the album, with a raucous energy. Ravarez’s vocals are very nice in the high range, and the harmonics work well. They remind me a bit of DANGER DANGER. There is also a nice guitar solo and then a fade out at the end. “Trespass on Love” opens with some lead guitar notes and a slower pace. The chorus is very well done here…high with melody from the harmonized vocals. Here they remind of me of DEF LEPPARD, with that storied songwriting touch. “Too Bad for Baby” oozes with a playful rhythm and bluesy groove. The guitars play minimally and the focus is mostly on the vocals.

“Lost in the Dark” is a mid-tempo song with a bit of a darker edge. Ravarez goes for broke before the second chorus that threatens to shatter all the glass in the room. “Back” is a shorter song with a slightly quicker tempo, but those “mid-tempo blues (too many songs with that same mid-tempo pace)” are starting to sink in. Here they remind me of BULLETBOYS, with that bluesy edge. The lead guitar work leaves a little to be desired as well. “Victim of Desire” is yet another mid-tempo song, but this one has an edge to it, with steady bass and drum work, and minimal guitar, so as to showcase the vocals again.

“We do what we want” is another mid-tempo song. They have definitely crossed into the realm of the mid-tempo blues, and the vocals are not enough to save this album from mediocrity. “Built to Please” brings more of the same. The album started off strong but has mired into utterly forgettable territory. “She Bites Hard” has an AC/DC type of vibe to it…an easy listening guitar riff and steady bass and drums. Ravarez even sounds like Brian Johnson here. The riff pattern is very similar to “You’ve got another thing comin’” by JUDAS PRIEST. “Big Game” is similar in sound and pacing to the previous tracks, and I am left with disappointment.

The biggest problem with the album is that you’ve heard it all before. Ravarez has some serious pipes and his voice is perfect to lead any AOR band, but the rest of the band has to step up their game and provide some original riffs. It’s dull, lackluster, and downright boring at times, outside of the vocals. AOR can still be fresh and exciting; perhaps adding a keyboardist to help round out the sound would help. As it is, the release feels rushed and there just isn’t enough guitar development.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Intensity
2. Trespass on Love
3. Too Bad for Baby
4. Lost in the Dark
5. Back
6. Victim of Desire
7. We do what we want
8. Built to Please
9. She Bites Hard
10. Big Game
Lion Ravarez – Vocals
Chance Vanderlain – Guitar
Weston James – Bass
Bobby Laker – Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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