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Past The Fall - From Insanity's Ruin Award winner

Past The Fall
From Insanity's Ruin
by Sergio Andrés at 08 December 2019, 5:22 PM

Here we have ultimate compositions, my friends, well-rounded, dynamic offerings, and that's what the Metal world lacks today, yet this masterpiece surpasses that flaw with might and confidence. No dull moment, no fill-in crap, just intelligent, entertaining, skilful, and, most of all, sincere display of music. I'll not play devil advocate's here name dropping "this is new Metal," "this is Prog," "this is Classic Metal," "this is Djent," meh chat. Want a suitable umbrella??? Sublime Rock, that's it.

I can see how much time, geeky interest in arranging and crafting sections, and plain wittiness are here. Right on the bat, comes an eerie instrumental named "Into the Ruins," which takes you to the DEAD CAN DANCE world with textures and subtexts that needs no words. Please take a look at the exciting artwork, and you get the idea of the "cinematic" message that these guys are conveying.  Keep your eye on how "neon-ish" the green spots pops to your eyes on this canvas. No randomness here folks, the choice of colors works as a contrast with the symmetric and infectious yellow.

"Drainer" slaughters your ears with no mercy; the singer has the tension of John Tardy (OBITUARY) and the deception of Layne Staley (ALICE IN CHAINS). We also hear outstanding arpeggiated chords towards the 1:50 mark (The Piggy trick). I have my complaints about the cymbal mix choice, but the composition is so gifted that I don't care. Quoting Hamlet, I would say that "Epitaph" has the coolest axiom in literature: "Method and Madness," because it has the right amount of music debauchery in one hand, and the tight discipline bounce of Metal, in the other. Some singers annoy with clean deliveries, but this vocalist knows his range and limitations; prolific ear, rich diction. Those are my compliments.

Save your heart for this chivalry masterpiece; "Poison Mirror," a feral track for a delicate band. Sounds like an inbred of the VOIVOD/ ALICE IN CHAINS/ ACID BATH wombs. I cherished the silence and tempo/ key change at the 4:20 mark. No more words, be a dear, and crank this tune now. "Above the Negative," a treacherous Death Metal tour de force, will indulge you for some Heavy Metal faith again, especially with the entire crisis that's happening right now on this bloody planet. "Maurice" is another "mountains and valleys" kind of piece; it just carries you.

A sole review it is not enough for these guys, I want to interview them, get to know their creative process. KING'S X was the last band who shook my foundations, and now these guys are killing it. I felt blessed. Kudos to England.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Into the Ruins
2. Drainer
3. Epitaph
4. Poison Mirror
5. Seldom Reason
6. Above the Negative
7. Full Circle
8. Maurice
9. Beholden
10. Through Insanity`s Ruin
Tom Cope - Vocals, Guitars
Will Wright - Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 December 2022

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