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Path Of Desolation – Soaked Jester Award winner

Path Of Desolation
Soaked Jester
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 14 June 2015, 5:39 PM

PATH OF DESOLATION are a Melodic Death Metal act from Switzerland and use that genre very well, with Hardcore like vocals and very enjoyable instrumentation that's done so so right. At first it felt more like Hardcore Melodic Black Metal but has that Death Metal hint too.

I say Hardcore as the band OUTRIGHT RESISTANCE has very similar vocals, though they are totally different in genre sense. So I was quite stunned to hear that resemblance. This is a very short single/EP but “Soaked Jester” will want you leaving more. So roll on the full release.

I especially love bands that actually have rhythm in their music, otherwise not so much, and this band does this well. For a single that's fairly short like they all are this was a treat to enjoy and to review.

“Rest In Your Fears” begins with a fantastic keyboard melody and a brutal, agonising scream of death. Already I'm having a bit of a rattle with my head and a heavy pound. The Hardcore vocals really work and as things slow down they turn into Death Metal like vocals, awesome.

With fast, groovy riffs the enjoyment just won't stop until the CD is finished. It's that good and fun.

Next we have the title track “Soaked Jester” which continues the greatness of the first track, but with added epic. The rhythm style is strong here with added keyboard elements that make it pretty atmospheric with added heavy. Brutal.

For a new band as this is their first EP, I can see them going places.

“Soaked Jester” is nonetheless an amazing start for a new band and I have no faults to complain about here, it's heavy, hard, atmospheric, brutal, and in a word…

With added female vocals in “The Word” I feel Black/Death Metal is more suited for this band, it's not quite DEATH of course but the Death Metal hint does work with the melody of the keyboard instrumentation, hence Melodic Death Metal.

Give it a go either way, being a Black/Death Metal fan I greeted this with pleasure. Being a new band, “Soaked Jester” as their first EP release, I'll definitely have to look out for them in the future, so should you.

4 Star Rating

1. Rest In Your Fears
2. Soaked Jester
3. The Word
Loic – Drums
Steve – Guitars
Allan – Guitars
Nipo – Keyboards
Dave – Vocals
Grant – Bass, Vocals (backing)
Record Label: Independent


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