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Patrick Rondat - An Ephemeral World (CD)

Patrick Rondat
An Ephemeral World
by Makis Kirkos at 06 May 2004, 7:18 PM

French guitar virtuoso Patrick Rondat strikes back with another masterpiece. For those who are not familiar with this great musician I suggest you keep on reading.
This highly respected guitarist is well known to the Hard Rock music community, just read the names he's worked with…  Blue Oyster Cult, AC/DC, Metallica, Tony Macalpine, Jean Michel-Jarre, Stuart Hamm, Gary Moore and more.
I've been waiting to hear his new solo album for almost 2 years and now, finally I am enjoying some amazing Hard Rock/Melodic Heavy Metal compositions. If your main attraction to an album is the vocals then you better skip this cause we are talking about an instrumental heaven here. You might think that I am kind of enthusiastic but I assure you, you are wrong.
What we got here is 11 extraordinary and majestic compositions. I haven't heard such an excellent instrumental album for a long time and thank God -my vicious chief editor provided me Patrick's latest work. I really don't know where to start… the guitar riffs are just fantastic, the piano melodies are overwhelming and the whole production is something remarkable.
A combination of mid tempo tracks, well arranged with high-speed melodies and overwhelming guitar sound is what draws your attention at first. Like all guitar heroes, this guy knows how to please you and doesn't exhaust you with countless solos and pointless guitar technique show offs. I found myself smiling with pleasure in numerous tracks and I just couldn't stop my head banging.
When I listened to this album I closed my eyes unconsciously and hundreds of images filled my mind. Some people say that one image can be expressed with 1000 words; well in that case one song is expressed with 1000 words as well. Simply magnificent piano melodies that could easily be compared to classical compositions in perfect shape with Patrick's guitar riffs and way of playing.
There are no highlights in this album, simply because all tracks are just brilliant. This album has it all… it's powerful, it's vibrant, it's refreshingly different and it sure is a must for every guitar player out there. There is also something I have to add about An Ephemeral World… this album does not accost to a certain audience. I mean,  this is an album that every metalhead will adore. If you are into Death, Black, Heavy, Power, Epic Metal… it doesn't matter cause it's easy going with every kind of Metal genre.
Concluding, I would like to add that there is also a song that is actually Patrick's interpretation of a Bach's partitia for Violin Solo and that is the last track, which is just outstanding. No, this album is not a mix of classical music with Melodic Heavy Metal. I recommend this release to every Metal fan out there, it's pure magic.

4 Star Rating

Welcome to the Donkey's Island
Donkey's Island
Ephemeral World
Born to Buy
614 HSO
Partita No1 for Violin Solo (J S Bach)
Patrick Rondat - Guitars/Piano
Patrice Guers - Bass
Dirk Bruinenburg - Drums
Record Label: NTS


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