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Patrik Carlsson - Phraseology (CD)

Patrik Carlsson
by Grigoris Chronis at 07 December 2004, 10:32 AM

Sweden is famous for large breasted blond goddesses and also very ambitious guitar players! This 32 year old prodigal son is mostly influenced as admitted by himself - and as obviously proven by our ears - by the mighty Titan Steve Vai (especially in the way he uses the tremolo bar!). In fact fragments of Vaisms are spread all over Peter's work regarding his sound mostly but also his songwriting too! Malmsteen's influence is quite obvious here - in certain songs - but what the hell…they are both Swedish aren't they?
Peter obviously enjoyed making this record because there is a diffuse cool atmosphere over this record! I may dare to say that this is one of the most interesting instrumental guitar work done for the second half of 2004! Maybe Peter should be invited to the next G3 Tour, or probably a G2 Tour together with the emperor Yngwie. Peter also spent a major part of his musical life as a guitar teacher so there are no doubts about his artistic integration so far! Phraseology presents a possible Satriani/Vai offspring but this guy is far more experimental that the two aforementioned kings.
If somebody tried to separate the highlights of his work he would surely mention the tracks Jimi's Tribute, The Survivor, Aeryn Sun, Epsilon Indi, Andrea, It's Xmas , Lisa's Passion for Heavy Metal and Cartoon Hippie above all. On the other hand maybe it is not the wisest idea to separate his songs one by one since there is a conceptual idea overall his work - something quite common in the six string world! I particularly find him very interesting and the majority would agree with me, but it is not easy for the wide audiences to absorb this kind of music!
Phraseology can serve as a musical background for everyday life activities but also for more personal listening sessions whether you are a guitarist or not! Peter is a definite keeper of the shred tradition and manages to keep us interested throughout the majority of time in this CD. May the winds of inspiration be with ya Peter! C ya later dude!
(Thanks to: Panos Koutsobogersson)

4 Star Rating

Jimi's Tribute
The Survivor
Still Believe
Twilight Zone
Aeryn Sun
Epsilon Indi
High Pitch
Guardian Angel
Exotic Bossa
Smooth Rider
Andrea, it's Xmas
Lisa's Passion for Heavy Metal
Cartoon Hippie
Record Label: Lion Music


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