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Patroness – Pyre Award winner

by James Brizuela at 20 April 2020, 1:38 PM

PATRONESS hails from the land of Belgium. Having formed in 2019, they wasted no time in exploding onto the scene with their first EP, “Pyre”. To sum up PATRONESS in one single genre would be doing them injustice. Their sound blends elements of doom, black, and sludge metal to this level of pure mayhem. I was completely transfixed by their sound when this first track, “Dominae” started. There is this level of doom inspired black metal that I did not think could ever exist, but the surprise did not stop there. There is a clean vocal interlude that took the music in a completely different direction.

There was this vile black metal sound emanating from the opening of the track that took this turn but worked on every level. “A Thousand Times” comes in with the more prototypical doom sound, but the clean vocals by Guy Callens bring the fierceness. Even when the music slows down and brings in this more psychedelic feel, the vocals elevate the music to this powerful longstanding feeling. There is this gut-wrenching feeling that hits you in the face from the vocal prowess and lyric subject matter that left my head reeling. The musicianship only perpetuating that feeling with the slow tempo that rang through completely.

Even when the EP seemed to lean towards a slower doom metal type, the title track comes in with a different style altogether. “Pyre” comes in swinging with a black metal and death metal inspired volley of extreme metal mayhem. The backing yelling vocals coupled with the more guttural vocal prowess delivering a one-two punch combo, as the musicianship shines once again with blistering drums and fast guitar riffing. The guitars then slowing down to bring in that doom metal perfection towards the end of the track. The final track, “Lost Eyes”, caps off the monstrously good EP in the perfect way. The sludge and doom sounding music strongly destroys your senses with every note. The crystalline guitars offering another expertly added element to the already impressive repertoire of PATRONESS’s music.

Pyre” presents one of the most impressive EP sounds I have ever heard in my entire life. PATRONESS have a very bright future ahead if they continue to produce music of this caliber. There is no pegging this band to one style, as they very expertly blend so many metal sounds in this triumphant album. My only gripe is there is not a full album to gush over. This is a home run. I will be listening to this EP for the foreseeable future.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Dominae
2. A Thousand Times
3. Pyre
4. Lost Eyes
Steven Hebb – Bass
Maarten Valetin – Drums
Nicholas Gauwloos – Guitars
Tom Lefevere – Guitars
Guy Callens - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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