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Patterns of Decay – Patterns of Decay Award winner

Patterns of Decay
Patterns of Decay
by Laura Glover at 29 June 2022, 5:44 AM

First and foremost, before I dive too deep into who PATTERNS OF DECAY is, I would like to add this addition to this review as I feel this is important in these times. What I write here is my own viewpoint, not the viewpoint specifically of this webzine. I just wanted to make clear that I speak from my own mind, not the collective. However, in light of the recent Supreme Court decision, it is important to know who supports women. I would like to make note loud and proud that PATTERNS OF DECAY very openly support us women. I feel, in these times, this is a great opening point. So, women of metal…proceed here and know you are supporting someone who also supports you!! Also, from now through the 4th of July 100% the proceeds of the sales of their merch goes to Planned Parenthood. So definitely go buy some merch.

So, let’s talk about who this band is now. PATTERNS OF DECAY come to us from New York, USA. New York, a place deeply steeped in the underground metal culture. The birth place of many famous bands. A place with many venues and places one could have witnessed the inception of a band that would later become famous, a place many have done just this. So, thus enters the five-person band that is PATERNS OF DECAY, on the scene first in 2014. This self-titled album, “Patterns of Decay” is their 3rd release; following an EP in 2014, “Malicious Intent”, and full-length album, “Suicide Notes in Comic Sans”, in 2018. PATTERNS OF DECAY is its own brand of Metalcore, rife with touches of Death Metal. Screaming vocals, not distorted or murky; hard musical inclusions. This album is definitely a banger.

Chrysalis” - A chrysalis, by definition, is the cocoon phase of a butterfly or a moth. It literally speaks of change and growth, in and of itself. This song opens with a violent yell, rage into the night's darkness. Darkness, much like being hidden within a chrysalis. This song touches on the topic of emotions within all of us. And yes, we have the strength to emerge from that Chrysalis. “Insomnious” - A hard drum beat opens into a very good song. Intensity defined into a song! There are two styles of vocals; cleaner screams and deeper growls. As mentioned before, the vocals are not murky. The vocals and instrumentals work very well together, creating a song that is easy on the ears of us metalheads. “Nobody’s Human” - I am very fond of the way Tony Romano’s drums sound throughout this album. A good drummer is worth their weight in gold, and Tony’s drum style is gold. Tony’s style leads epically in this song. Creating the faster beat, carrying the speed of the music in luscious time.

House of Doors” - A song with a creepy name and even creepier intro. Raging and haunted in sound, this song makes you think of a long-forgotten castle with dark, echoing corridors. Potentially, even the deepest depths of the mind. The place where your demons live. “Famine and Plague” - The very title of this song is very indicative of the political culture in the US right now, and the rest of the world too. The dystopian image carries over into the feeling of this track, images of ruin and despair. What have we become, and what is this weird new world we are all facing? “Ocean Black” - The strong intro by the guitar is delectable! Guitar will always be my favorite instrument, and the guitar in this song hits the sweet spot! While vocally enticing in its metal glory. Such a big sound as a whole, satisfying to explore.

Patterns of Decay” is an album very worth checking out. As well as PATTERNS OF DECAY being a band worthy of all the praise it can get. A favorite thing by many of us fans out here is that the metal world is so inclusive. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re welcome into the pit. PATTERNS OF DECAY embody that inclusiveness to an art form. To our readers, go give these guys a listen! They’re awesome!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Chrysalis
2. Insomnious
3. Nobody’s Human
4. Hours of Doors
5. Seven Seconds
6. Anhedonia
7. Ru(m)ination
8. Of Famine and Plague
9. Wormtongue
10. Ocean Black
11. Regurgitate
12. Thrall
Chrisitian Contello – Vocals
Dan Gold – Guitar
Matthew Stirrat – Guitar/Vocals
Antonio Romano – Drums
Jesse Herman – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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