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Paul Gilbert - Alligator Farm (CD)

Paul Gilbert
Alligator Farm
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 15 February 2001, 8:30 PM

There always were these songs, Rock 'n' Roll songs, which I used to listen to in some movies and made me feel so…optimistic or should I say cool.
Paul Gilbert is no new artist for all I know but this is his first CD that managed to get into my hands. Gilbert is a 33-year-old, more than talented guitarist. His first group was called Electric Fense and was formed in 1985. In 1986, he started a new band called Racer-X but two years after he quit the band. A year afterwards he joined the band called Mr. Big and jammed with them all the way up to 1996. That means that until his first solo album (King Of Clubs - 1997) Gilbert had played in more than twenty albums!!! Then came his second solo album (Flying Dog - 1998) and now this! Alligator Farm really is a looney CD, take it from the CD title to the tracks (Lancelot Link is very funny!) and of course I just can't neglect mentioning that there's a cover song of the 2 become 1 Spice Girls Song, hehehe.
Generally there's a very weird atmosphere (you'll get it while listening to the CD). I personally find the CD quite Rock 'n' Roll and believe me it gets very good at it! Gilbert throws in a lot of great solos and guitar riffs and I suggest that a lot of future guitarists ought to listen to the instrumental song Let The Computer Decide to get some ideas of what guitars should sound like. Boy this track rocks!! Taking in consideration the fact that Paul Gilbert had a very short deadline to come up with the songs for the album and that there was no overdubbing process (this is a live recording! Live solos, live riffs, live everything!), Paul Gilbert will surely give us more promising albums. Rock on, Alligator Farm!…

4 Star Rating

Better Chords
Individually Twisted
Cut, Cut, Cut
Alligator Farm
Attitude Boy Will Overcome
2 Become 1
Lancelot Link
Rosalinda Told Me
Let The Computer Decide
Koto Girl
Dreamed Victoria
Six Billion People
The Ballad Of The Last Lions
Whole Lotta Sonata
Paul Gilbert - Guitar & Vocals
Scotty Johnson - Guitar & Keyboards
Tony Spinner - Guitar & Vocals
Mike Szuter - Bass & Vocals
Jeff Martin - Drums & Vocals
Record Label: Holy Records


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