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PeepHole – For Love Of The Kill Award winner

For Love Of The Kill
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 27 July 2020, 10:42 AM

PEEPHOLE is a band from Los Angeles, USA. We now have the new release “For Love Of The Kill” a new 6 track EP. The band list some of their influences as SYSTEM OF A DOWN, RADIOHEAD, METALLICA and others. The band have a nice chilled Hard Rock/Soft Metal sound to them. They play music that you could listen to all day long as it sounds so soothing to the soul. The 6 new songs are a great addition to the bands repertoire. The band features the new material they bring to us on May 20th 2020. The album is available on all major streaming platforms.

Opening “For Love Of The Kill” we have the song “Pheromones” 3 minutes 20 seconds of the chilled sound. The guitar riffs are strummed in with a relaxed vibe to them, drums beating in rhythm to complete the whole sound. The lyrics are ace, the music so chilled. It’s an EP I could listen to over & over again. I think it’s a great sound.

Stranger” is song number 2. It’s a faster paced track than the first one, a little more bass can be heard. The drums come through in perfect harmony with the strings & vocals. The tempo of this song is “just right,” as in it just seems to suit the lyrics and it’s a great combination of music & singing to make an excellent song. When I picture the band on stage playing this, I picture a large crowd singing along to every word & crushing together for a closer view of the band on stage. (You can tell I’m missing gigs.)

Moving onto song number 3 we have “The Devil On Me” which is a great tune. It opens with a worbble & some nice heavy riffs. The balance of vocals & instruments in this song show of how well the band have put it all together. I really am enjoying the music as well as the lyrics.

My Enclosure (Promise Me)” is song number 4 & it’s a song that is so soothing with it’s easy vibes it’s a really chilled relaxed song. This is a song that makes me think of sitting with a loved one by an open coal fire on a dark night snuggled up making things right. Cosy & warm just like the song itself.

Ghost Bride” is the next song, track number 5. Opening with some easy listening strums on the guitar with the drums beating the cymbals in time. At 5 minutes 16 seconds, it’s one of the longer songs. It also has some heavier riffs coming through the song at just the right times to make it my favourite track on the new release.

Closing the EP we have the title track “For Love Of The Kill.” It opens with some fast playing on both guitars and drums strumming & beating with frenzied pace giving way to the slower tempo as the vocals join. Again this song has a relaxed tempo & that chilled Hard Rock vibe to it, soothing us out on a wave of pure metal chill. It’s worth the wait to get to & seems the perfect way to close the new EP.

Overall I have really enjoyed “For Love Of The Kill” immensely. It has been a great release to listen to & I think I have founds a new band to follow. I have enjoyed how chilled the EP has been, not once did I want to skip ahead. I have got to say I think it’s an excellent sounding EP that fans new & old have got to check out at least once. Absolutely no complaints from me!

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 9
Memorability 9
Production 9

4 Star Rating

1. Pheromones
2. Stranger
3. The Devil On Me
4. My Enclosure (Promise Me)
5. Ghost Bride
6. For Love Of The Kill
Saba Farmanara
Johnny Alfi
Greg McGurk
Jeremie Fremaux
Record Label: Independent


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