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Peer Gunt - No Piercing, No Tattoo (CD)

Peer Gunt
No Piercing, No Tattoo
by Grigoris Chronis at 21 July 2005, 9:04 PM

Peer Gunt's latest No Piercing, No Tattoo album, the first after more than a dozen years, has also been released - apart of course from the usual CD format - in vinyl (500 pieces) and cassette (100 pieces) featuring a bonus track, Flying Man. From this weird info - if you don't know this band - you could make out that we're (in general) talkin' 'bout: a) 70's-influenced Glam/Hard/Party Rock, b) primitive Epic Metal or c) occult Thrash/Death/Black Metal. Gottcha? It's so lame I also put the song titles on, so as to confirm what's the right answer. Prepare now, cause this is no rookie band featured here…
S.O.S.! A bio for the unfaithful: Peer Gunt was formed in Finland (yes, in Finland!) in 1976 (yes, in 1976!). With Timo Nikki as the spine in every MK, it was not until 1983 that the lineup got steady ('till now!). Recording their first single for a record label named Johanna Kustannus, the Woman On The Radio/Drivin' Like A Mad 7 came out in 1981 and it was obvious what the hell this band was up to. Slide blues based hard rock 'n' roll with the speed of an express train, as the band likes to say since then, the Peer Gunt (1983) debut album came out and - followed by a set of fine releases (mostly out in Europe through France's Black Dragon records) until 1990's Don't Mess With The Countryboys - the trademark took shape. Hard Rock music never came on that hard on dirty boogie Rock, and if you're over 30 years old, you must be starting to remember something right now.
Extra trivia: the Backseat (1986) album reached No. 1 in the Finish charts, while both Backdoor Men and Motorcycle Woman singles from this album flew up to No. 3. All this for a band that established a high popularity in its country all these years; ask any Finish act - from Hanoi Rocks and Stratovarius to Solitaire and Impaled Nazarene, for confirmation…
I guess the smallest paragraph will be this one: AC/DC jams with Motorhead (Nikki's voice…) while newbies like Gluecifer or Hellacopters keep notes for further practice. Not to forget, 70's Aerosmith step in at some certain point to give extra help and Foghat call to ensure delivery of their express mail supplementary orders. That simple…
Can you rate Rock 'N' Roll? Each beer that goes down, each beautiful lady that steps in, points are added. Still, you have to pay money to join the party, hence (musically)…
- Album Highlights: Wanna Shake Your Boomboom; for your wedding day…

3 Star Rating

Comin' Back To You
Backdoor Men
Middle Age Teenage
Wash Me In The Rain
King Of The Hill
Alone In The Night I Whisper Your Name
Scarecrow Shoes
Baby I Want You So…
It Happens Here
Motorcycle Woman
Wanna Shake Your Boomboom
T. Nikki - Guitars & Vocals
Twist Twist - Drums
Tsootz - Bass & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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