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Pegazus - In Metal We Trust

In Metal We Trust
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 April 2011, 9:51 AM

I trust in Metal to be the ultimate music and I trust it with my life. It is seems very clear that every die-hard Metalhead worldwide would put his trust on this proud genre. I also trust Traditional Metal as it is one of the roots to everything that is on today and will continue to be the father of what will be out there tomorrow. For me, coming back the roots is a recognition that every group knows from where their music came from. When I checked out the official comeback album, "In Metal We Trust", by the Aussie Metallers PEGAZUS, which is a group that I have known its work for years, their shared devotion to 80s Metal remained and I felt that this album proved that well.

Maybe one of the true things that caught my ear on "In Metal We Trust" is the production that kept the broad sound of the 80s in check. You could say it is something similar to early JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN releases. The guitar sound is exquisite, bass felt active and dominant and the drums where equally superb. I think that I left out the vocals in the complimentary, maybe there was a reason. It is probably because of the fact that vocals were lesser than the former lines, but it wasn't totally the production's fault.

The material on "In Metal We Trust", at least in the beginning of the road, showed me that some things just won't die. Metal will always be one of the prime themes for bands to sink their teeth in. I always called those with a nickname as "motivational songs" and that is exactly what those are. Most of those songs were built up to be anthems just as the PEGAZUS's self-titled track, "In Metal We Trust". Although I would have cut it down a bit because you can't rewind the same chorus over and over even if it scored a touchdown (not in Football but in Rugby – this is still an Aussie band). The Metal theme didn't end there. The majority of the album consists of other motivational anthem like tracks. However, with the attempt to create an 80s oriented Metal album, PEGAZUS fell to the ground. While "In Metal We Trust" remained as this album's greatest hit, with the addition of some other slightly "more than solid" outcomes, most of the other tracks soured with the odor of banality, lack of originality, lack of energy or excitement and repetitive sense. Even with the awarded guest performance of Ross The Boss, David Shankle and Jeff Watson as those provided solos for an extended version of "Old Skool Metal Dayz", it didn't help that much.

Nevertheless, I won't deny that there is a hidden potential within each and every track here. I think that those tracks had the prospective on becoming a crushing 80s hits, but it seems that PEGAZUS didn't choose to use their broad experience and rather chose the easy way on the compositions. Just to set your mind straight, you should take notice to the vocal section on the album. I regrettably noticed that the band's original vocalist, Justin Fleming, that made his comeback, didn't quite give his strongest effort in order to make his fronting to sound as good as his formers as his performance was near mediocre.

The band's decision to make a comeback is more than welcome and their new release is also acceptable. However, if PEGAZUS will take on this road, it will be painful, rough and will probably put them back in the closet for good. I think that Traditional Metal can be trusted to be played without being that banal or too close to other bands' material. PEGAZUS, as I mentioned, are veterans in their field and I believe that they can make another "Wings Of Destiny" or "Breaking The Chains" or even beyond. That is why I would put my trust on those guys.

3 Star Rating

1. Metal Messiah
2. Road Warrior
3. Old Skool Metal Dayz
4. We Live To Rock
5. Haunting Me
6. Eye For An Eye
7. Ghost Rider
8. Metal Gods
9. End Of The World
10. Death Or Glory
11. Old Skool Metal Dayz (Extended Version featuring David Shankle, Ross the Boss & Jeff Watson)
Justin Fleming – Lead Vocals
Johnny Stoj – Guitars and Vocals
Cory Betts – Bass
Ange Sotiro – Drums
Record Label: Black Leather Records


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