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Pegazus - The Headless Horseman (CD)

The Headless Horseman
by Fotis Giakob at 12 February 2002, 6:13 PM

A fresh breeze blows form the land down under, and brings to the old world Pegazus and their brand new album The Headless Horseman with it.
They claim that they play pure classic metal and this they do very well indeed! In my humble opinion though, they have a lot of epic filings (You will tell for yourself upon listening to 'Dragon Slayer')
Pegazus came to life by Johnny and Robbie Stoj in 1993 in Australia. Their debut album was in 1995 and from then on three more followed with The Headless Horseman is their forth album.
They seem to be longing for the past days of pure, old Heavy Metal and with this feeling they imbued their music. The bass is robust, the guitar riffs strong, full and rhytmic. The drums are hell and the vocals fit in more than decently. The overall is well balanced and melodic a thing very weel listened to, in 'Spread Your Wings'.
A song stands apart all the others due to its peculiarity. 'Ballad Of A Thin Man' draws its lyrics from the story of Thin Lizzy (or so it seems) and it contains titles from songs and parts of choruses like 'Jailbreak', 'Killer on the loose' etc. Watch out for the surprise on the very end (or better after the end) of this song!
The decision is up to you afteall: If you think that the days of 80's Metal are not past give it a try it will bring you back to these days more than enough. If you think that music is evolving towards new rhythm and experimentation then this album will not actually satisfy you. Still I would suggest to give it a try it has quite a bunch of rhythm and energy.
I find this album intriguing so a 8 is well worth it…

4 Star Rating

The Headless Horseman
A Call To Arms
The Patriot
Look To The Stars
Dragon Slayer
Spread Your Wings
Forever Chasing Rainbow
Neon Angel
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Johnny Stoj - guitar
Robbie Stoj - drums
Cory Betts - bass
Rob Thompson - vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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