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Pellek - Bag Of Tricks Award winner

Bag Of Tricks
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 29 May 2012, 1:47 AM

PELLEK is a Norwegian band and the solo project of Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly. Next to this solo project PelleK’s alsothe lead vocalist of the British Symphonic Metal band DAMNATION ANGELS, the Progressive Rock collaboration project THE ANABASIS and the LOST ROCKERS. He also recorded vocals for signed bands from Sweden, U.K, Greece, Italy, U.S, Norway and France. And now PelleK releases his solo project debut album “Bag Of Tricks” through Liljegren Records. A Symphonic Rock / Metal album with Power and Progressive touch in a way that makes this album even suitable for listeners outside the Metal scene.

Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly managed to build up quite some experience in only a few years. His clear and powerful voice is a great listen, but even though this side project’s called PelleK he’s not doing this alone. He surrounded himself with great musicians who are adding to his vocal abilities because they do know how to handle their instruments very well.

The debut album “Bag Of Tricks” is listed under Heavy Metal, so I was in for a surprise when I gave the album its first spin. Not an unpleasant surprise. Genres are mixed, but the songs don’t sound like they’ve copied the different genres and pasted them in between the Heavy Metal parts. This album has a solid rocking sound that holds water and stand. Guest appearances are fitting in like they’re part of the band, simply because they’re all playing like a team used to play together.

The album “Bag Of Tricks” has a symphonic start, but don’t think that the entire album’s like that, because it’s not. Every song stands on its own and is capable to catch attention and touch. The way the vocals are combined is beautiful, like those are truly aware of each other, but that counts for all on this album, that does contain fast Metal sounds, slow ballad sounds, catchy duets, symphonic bombastic echoes, powerful boosts and sweet melodies. The album “Bag Of Tricks” from PelleK turned out to be a very nice surprise. Loved it and hope I’ve made you curious enough to give PelleK’s “Bag Of Tricks” a shot.

5 Star Rating

1. Entrance
2. Fugue State
3. Reason And Psychosis
4. Send My Message Home
5. Thundernight
6. Win
7. Don’t Belong
8. Stare Into My Eyes
9. Born In Babylon
10. Bag Of Tricks
11. Conflagrate My Heart
Barry Thompson- Guitars/Bass/Keyboards
George Andrade- Lyrics/Arrangements
Ryo Okumoto- Keyboards/Arrangements
Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly- Lead Vocals
Gerald "Mully" Mulligan- Drums
Gordon Tittsworth- Lead/Backing Vocals
Lee Abraham- Bass/Mixing/Producer 
Record Label: Liljegren Records


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