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Penitenziagite - Humanity Galore

Humanity Galore
by Danny Sanderson at 13 August 2015, 5:00 AM

Death Metal, particularly the more Brutal forms of it, has become one of the most overdone genre within Extreme Metal. This means that fans of the genre are practically spoiled for choice when it comes to new bands to listen to. However, the vast majority of these end up being faceless, generic carbon copies of better and more creative outfits. Luckily for us, Slovenian four piece PENITENZIAGITE are not one of these bands. Their latest offering, "Humanity Galore", is a prime example of how modern Death Metal should be; musically tight, original, and vicious without having to sacrifice musicality.

"Origin of Desolation", a measured, mid-paced, groove-laden track with a Black Metal tinge, is a great and eclectic way to kick this record off. It's catchy enough to catch your attention, and ferocious enough maintain that interest throughout. It's a really good start, and it showcases their diversity in both talent and influence perfectly. The blisteringly fast, tremolo picked frenzy of "Fire Makes Way" further establishes this band as a tight and talented group, with plenty of razor sharp riffs, punishing drums and gruff vocals to keep fans from across the Death Metal spectrum happy. "Cleansing" is another incredibly fast track, with plenty of melodic guitar hooks and powerful guttural vocals that make this particular track sound huge. Musically, it sounds incredibly tight, and the musicianship in general that is on offer here is excellent. "Dictation" really ups the ante in terms of speed and ferocity, making this one of the heaviest tracks on the whole record. In particular, the solo that comes half way through is a high point, with plenty of technicality that makes it sound great. "Path Lain with Shadows", a song that starts with a strong Bass line, slowly builds into an absolute beast of a song. The Bass is much more prominent on here than on the first half of the album, and it works really well at adding a whole new dynamic to the sound. Next comes the album title track, a song which is characterised by continuous speed, razor sharp guitar lines and thundering drumming. It sounds absolutely gargantuan, and it sounds more aggressive than anything else on here. "Lords Long Forgotten", the records penultimate track, is a vicious, groovy piece of Death Metal with plenty of hooks. It's a short, sharp shock of visceral Death Metal fury that fits perfectly into this part of the album. The final offering on here, "Circle of Life", really brings the album full circle by re-introducing that harsh, Black Metal edge to the music. It's an excellent closing gambit, and helps bring this album to a close perfectly.

This is a very solid, eclectic piece of music. To write this off as "just another Death Metal record" would not only be wrong, but inexcusable. There's plenty of different sounds and styles on offer here that fans of practically all forms of Death Metal are catered to musically. There's the cold, Blackened parts, the thick grooves and the ferocious, punishing instrumentation throughout much of this album that very few bands are able to blend all these styles into their music throughout an entire career. Fans from across the genre should definitely be taking note of these Slovenian slaughter-lords.

4 Star Rating

 1. Origin of Desolation
2. Fire Makes Way
3. Cleansing
4. Dictation
5. Path Lain the Shadows
6. Humanity Galore
7. Lords Long Forgotten
8. Circle of Life
Anze Demsar- Vocals
Gasper Cebulj- Drums
Matic Diba- Bass
Zan Kavcic- Guitars
Record Label: On-Parole Productions


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