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Pensées Nocturnes – Grotesque

Pensées Nocturnes
by Harry Papadopoulos at 12 May 2010, 2:05 PM

I was always against the one-man projects. I really don’t like this idea of I-can-do-everything bands because the rule is that most of the times you lose control and you don’t have a second opinion in order to tell you if something is not good. But as for every rule, there are always some exceptions. And PENSÉES NOCTURNES is an exception! The man behind this band(?) is Vaerohn who started PENSÉES NOCTURNES two years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to listen to his first album “Vacuum”, but from what I listened to his second one “Grotesque” I’m sure that it will be an album I also have to listen to.

Vaerohn managed to compose a twisted avant-garde Black Metal album. The Black-ish moments are closer to the two first full-length masterpieces of CELTIC FROST and the beautifully dark and claustrophobic atmosphere of the album has references to bands like CODE, DODHEIMSGARD and ARCTURUS (if you leave the ‘space’ elements aside).Violins, piano and samples combine almost perfect with the thunderous drumming, the Black Metal riffs and the voice of Vaerohn who growls, whispers, shouts, mourns… The important thing is that he managed to combine many organs and styles of music together, sounding like they were meant for each other. The carnival-like parts are not of the quality of ARCTURUS but still are in high standards and bind with the rest of this weird album. The production of “Grotesque” is very well arranged and everything can be heard without reaching the point to say that it is overproduced. Last but not least, I have to say that the cover of the album is one of the best I have seen for quite awhile and surely gives you a fragment of idea for what to come.

Grotesque” is an album that “…you have to listen and not hear it…” as Vaerohn says. It is a difficult album, but once you get into its grotesque and twisted atmosphere, you’ll get sucked in. On one hand I really wish that this album will go well at sales because it deserves it; on the other one I hope not to, because some things are not for the masses.

4 Star Rating

  1. Vulgum Pecus
  2. Paria
  3. Rahu
  4. Eros
  5. Monosis
  6. Hel
  7. Thokk
  8. Suivant
Vaerohn - Everything
Record Label: Les Acteurs De l’Ombre Productions


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