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Pentagram Chile - The Malefice Award winner

Pentagram Chile
The Malefice
by Azmo Lozmodial at 08 August 2013, 11:16 AM

Bow down to the masters! PENTAGRAM CHILE (previously known as PENTAGRAM) is an ancient, aged, experienced Thrash / Death Metal act from Chile, and their influential music has been very popular in the last 20 years, but they've never released any full-length album and the group has disbanded because of the labels crap, but the talent and the experience have resurrected this group from the soil of Chile to let the world enjoy the debut album “The Malefice” this year. As quoted by Mitch Harris (NAPALM DEATH) - “PENTAGRAM CHILE from Santiago Chile was one of my most influential bands ever! …I hope the world will stand back and take notice that it just doesn’t get any better than this!!!”

While most of the current Thrash Metal bands are trying to clone and copy the exact sound of the 80s Thrash era, here is PENTAGRAM CHILE has been teleported to us by the Metal time-machine to let us worship the original taste of the 80s, with solid and reinforced insane Death / Thrash guitar riffs and rapid maniac old school drumming. So ladies and gentlemen, the grand performance and the excellent songwriting are waiting for you in this record, and I won't recommend you any track to listen, because if you don't enjoy the whole album, then you should peel out your ears immediately. If you want to sum the sound of the old SLAYER, and add some POSSESSED on it, then the result will be a chemical reaction that can blow your ears and fill every inch of the room with your headbanging blood, don't wait another second and get your copy now.

Actually I tried to squeeze my mind to select my favorite track of this album, but unfortunately I couldn't; because every single track here is a total art of occultism and destruction. Some tracks like "Grand Design" and "The Apparition" will grow up with you easily, because the dusty thrashed tune and the death riffing have been designed to charm the ears within seconds, and some tracks will suck your head down and up till you break your neck without even realizing what the hell is going on. Don't try to search for any complain about this album, because it's so professional and matured, this record will just make your week!

Just for kick of it, here is another quotation from Nicke Andersson (IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, DEATH BREATH, ex-ENTOMBED, ex-THE HELLACOPTERS) - “PENTAGRAM CHILE is Death Metal. I don't really care if the band themselves ever thought the label suited them or not. Death Metal is about raw power. Not about fancy little scale sweeps on your nice little guitar. Death Metal is not fancy or nice and PENTAGRAM CHILE is about as far as you can get from nice - perfect, thank you very much. Crank it up and get hit by some real heavy shit.”

The modern Death and Thrash Metal scene actually needs such a record that can shake the hell out of its ground, and here is PENTAGRAM CHILE is providing the chance for every listener to get inspired and to be influenced again with this record.

4 Star Rating

1. The Death of Satan
2. La Fiura
3. The Apparition
4. Horror Vacui
5. Spontaneous Combustion
6. Grand Design
7. Sacrophobia
8. Arachnoids
9. King Pest
10. Prophetic Tremors
Juan Pablo Uribe - Guitars
Anton Reisenegger - Vocals, Guitars
Dan Biggin - Bass
Juan Pablo Donoso – Drums
Record Label: Cyclone Empire


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