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Perc3ption - Reason And Faith Award winner

Reason And Faith
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 28 October 2013, 6:46 PM

Back in the early years of this century, the Metal scene worldwide became full of bands doing Power or Prog Metal, but instead of growing more and more, as all trends in Metal, it started to implode. The number of bands was so great that the style could not bear them, so many of them disappeared into underground again, and only great names as RHAPSODY OF FIRE, AVANTASIA, SONATA ARCTICA, ANGRA and some other few names. But in Brazil, the style keeps going as nothing happened at all, and some good bands still appear here, and one of them is the quintet PERC3PTION, from São Paulo, who arrives with their first album, “Reason And Faith”.

Besides they’re doing nothing new at all, they really form a fine band, with some powerful and strong songs, with good and charming melodies, and good work from all instruments. And have in mind: the strong impression about them is that PERC3PTION does this kind of music for they really like it.

When reading the details about the production, is not a big surprise to hear such a good sound: Edu Falaschi (former vocalist of ANGRA, SIGNALS, and actually in ALMAH) did the work with Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga being the co-producers. So, with names like these, it’s unnecessary to say another word unless “perfection” to describe the sound production. Falaschi play all keyboards in the album as well. The artwork is really a masterpiece for our eyes, well worked out and beautiful.

The music itself is a fresh blow of pure pleasure, for it sounds fresh and alive, not being a clone of someone. Of course, like said before, it’s nothing new, but it very good, and the CD is not boring, even with all the music lasting for more than five minutes.

Highlights: “Trust Yourself” (a more fast track, with heavy work from the drums), the beautiful “Surrender” (with more mid tempos, with very good vocals and keyboards arrangements), the heavy and with an aggressive touch “Illuminati” (pay attention in the singular guitar riffs) and “Suspension of Disbelief” (with bass and drums doing a fine work, with good tempos again).

A very fine work, and if they do such work in their debut, I just can’t wait for the next one.

4 Star Rating

1. Trust Yourself
2. Nonexistence
3. Surrender
4. Dead Man in Me
5. Feeding On Living Blood
6. Illuminati
7. Master of Illusions
8. Suspension of Disbelief
9. Beyond the End of Life
Luiz Fernando Poleto – Vocals
Rick Leite – Guitars
Glauco Barros – Guitars
Wellington Consoli – Bass
Peferson Mendes – Drums
Record Label: MS Metal Records


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