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Perchta - Ufång

by Aurora Kuczek at 16 May 2020, 1:29 PM

Coming from the alluring and angelic mountains of Austria, PERCHTA arises from mythic and folklore. Formed in 2017, the project gets some of its inspiration from Slavic mythology. Lady Perchta or Percht is a pagan goddess of the Alps. Her name means ‘the bright one,’ but she also has other meanings. The project is a blackened folk metal band, with strong roots in presenting their Germanic culture, and creating an ancestral atmosphere. The lyrics are in the Tyrolean dialect of German, making the band true to its own culture. Their latest album entitled, “Ufång” is an extremely diverse and interesting creation. Made solely in the context of whispering through vocal sounds, it represents something that is unusually terrific and mysterious. Although the album could have been executed a bit more cleanly than it was, it is, nevertheless, something out of the norm.

Intro” produces an eclectic scenery of beatific nature. The rain falls gently upon the leaves. An old woman walks upon the grass, dew sticking to her ragged linen dress. A crunching sound rests in the static. Thumps resound ancestrally. There is a sound of what is like the horn of a boat.  “Erdn” continues the drum like pattern as the woman with bright black eyes and long matted hair tells secrets of the forest. The blackened folk melody soaks through like a dampened towel. A loudness layers on top of the previous. Talk of old culture resembles like pages of a torn book. “Långs” begins with some type of piano tune or harp. A whisper carries through the wind like soft tunes of a lake. The woman strains her vocals, and her breath becomes thick. The snow falls, and the whiteness smothers the greenery underneath. “Åtem” follows an aching melody and high pitched synths. Whispering comes forth within the lines, and bodes an indistinguishable wind instrument. A Germanic-like tree sprouts in the center of the forest. Tremolo picking arises along with darkened thumps.

Summa”’s quiescent acoustic is quite similar to the previous. Exasperating talks combine with raw sounds. It almost chimes like the crackling of a midnight’s fire. “Gluat” starts ancestrally ancient. The old woman with the matted hair begins to embark on a trek up the sparse mountain. Notes remain low and differentiated, but not much so than the previous configurations. “Herest” is also a collection of whispery, airy notes. The old woman looks more wrinkled in the sunlight. She decides to lie in the snow, covering her face with the cold flakes that rest upon the ground. “Wåssa” begins with lower notes. It is dry, with acoustic melodies. Ancestral vocals cue in the creation. It is quite harmonious. Synths permeate through the beats, with a majestic chorus of vocals. What sounds like an electric guitar makes its way through the words. It does not fit the rest of the songs. “Winta” features acoustic strumming with similar Germanic whispering of harsh sounds. As the sounds roam throughout valleys, the snow falls gently on the rosy cheeks pf the woman. Suddenly, she sits up and blinks as she looks around her. She is quite beautiful now, as if the ages went by in thin air. “Outro” ends the album with organ like sounds. There a synth rolling off in the distance. Combination of programmed rhythms roll like the snow off Perchta’s back. She bathes in the sunlight letting the light bleach her platinum hair and delicate smile.

PERCHTA’s Ufång is an enticing blend of Germanic culture and vocal representation of their folklore. In a combination of whispers, synths and harsh dissonance, PERCHTA flies their wings through the elements of another reality. The ancestral vocals seemed a bit much at times, taking away from a beauty they could have created. Nevertheless, this is something unique, and deserves to be listened to.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Erdn
3. Långs
4. Åtem
5. Summa
6. Gluat
7. Herest
8. Wåssa
9. Winta
10. Outro
Perchta – Songwriting, Vocals
Fabio D'Amore — Songwriting, Lyrics, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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