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Percussor - Proclamation Of Hate Award winner

Proclamation Of Hate
by Paulomaniaco at 15 May 2015, 1:05 PM

PERCUSSOR is a Death Metal band formed in 2014 in Philadelphia PA in the United States and basically the arose from the ashes or what was left from a band called LESCH-NYHAN.

Influenced by the likes of OBITUARY, SLAYER, SODOM, MORBID ANGEL their music is brutal and fast, American Death Metal in your face, for a first album they did get the message thru and I think these guys are here to stay and in a time where lots of old Metal bands are returning  to the scene it's always good to see new bands in the scene as well making Metal even stronger than before.

Lovers of extreme music will enjoy "Proclamation Of Hate" quite easily actually, very fresh album and gets you on the mood for more, first track "Extermination Of The Weak" starts off quite softly and then all hell breaks loose, brutal vocals and sharp guitars, excellent drumming with lots of variations and break ups. "Defiled Reputation" is old school Death Metal full on ahead, very catching song not so complicated but very good anyways and then you are "Caved In Skull" more aggression and heaviness, I would like to hear more solos, but nevermind, because the brutality makes up for it. "Blood Behind The Eyes" is a very short song but also very cool it's pure energy. Then you have "Ripped Apart As I See Fit" ;a more complicated song with lots of cool arrangements and the vocals do a great job, pure Death Metal and hate, "Slashing Through Dry Veins" delivers more chaos and destruction, sharp guitars and lots of tempo variation while "Images Through Forgotten Torture" blasts you away with pure energy.

"Useless Creation That Stands Before me" is the longest song on the CD and also a great song; fast, slow and heavy and very cool chorus as well and Diseased Breeder" shows what these guys are about, total brutality and spitting pure and raw  Death Metal in your face, despite not having much solos in the album the outcome is very acceptable indeed, music is great and the production is also good, very underground and has a unique sound, artwork also very cool!

4 Star Rating

1. Extermination Of The Weak
2. Defiled Reputation
3. Caved In Skull
4. Blood Behind The Eyes
5. Ripped Apart As I See Fit
6. Slashing Through Dry Veins
7. Images Through Forgotten Torture
8. Useless Creation That Stands Before Me
9. Diseased Breeder
10. Outro
Jack Carmichael - Vocals/Guitars
Mark Stainthorpe drums
Chris Miller - Bass
Record Label: Horror Pain Death Gore Productions


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