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Perdition - Lost Rites Award winner

Lost Rites
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 07 March 2017, 10:18 PM

Turn off the T.V. and take out the army of death with PERDITION and their new soundtrack to such events, “Lost Rites”. Bridging the gap between straight Death Metal and Symphonic Death Metal, PERDITION are fusing the two sounds to create a hard hitting sound that fills the missing void of sound with the symphonic power, instead of relying on it like a lot of Symphonic Metal bands fall victim to doing.

The album opens with a pretty standard intro in “Zeitgeist” before breaking right into the Death Metal with “Genocide”, but it’s the third track in, “The Hymn Creeper”, where this band really starts to shine. “The Hymn Creeper” is a mix between old school Death Metal and a touch of Technical Death Metal, but what really pushes it along and makes it stand out is the inclusion of the aforementioned Symphonic segments. A riff or instrumental section that would already be badass on its own, is pushed over the edge of power by adding just the right touch of Symphonic Metal. “Lost Rites”, the final song on the album takes advantage of this as well, breaking into a breakdown that is make all the more powerful when being backed by the Symphonic metal sounds.

This is a band that does Symphonic Death Metal right, using it to fill the void instead of using it to make the music. This is a band that shines without the inclusion of the Symphonic Metal, but soars with it and that’s exactly how to do it right.

Creativity 9/10
Memorability 9/10
Songwriting 10/10
Production 10/10

4 Star Rating

1. Zeitgeist
2. Genocide
3. The Hymn Creeper
4. The Shattered Hands of Thieves
5. Lost Rites
Cryptic Josh – Vocals
Andrew Desanctis – Guitars, Vocals
Ian Ford – Bass
Clare Desanctis – Keyboard
Noah Scarpelli – Drums
Record Label: Imminence Records


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