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Perdition Winds - Aura of Suffering

Perdition Winds
Aura of Suffering
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 05 November 2014, 10:04 PM

Well, when we are dealing with Finnish extreme Metal, we must have clear in mind that those lands gave to the world names like BEHERIT and IMPALED NAZARENE, who sown that frozen lands with a tradition. And some bands are extremely proud of creating even more darkened and extreme sound, like the excellent quintet PERDITION WINDS, that comes out of frozen and darkened depths to give us “Aura of Suffering”.

In this album, the guys were up to create a very aggressive and harsh Black Metal in the vein of many bands from the 90’s, but with more coherence and equilibrium between their aggressive approach and a well worked way of playing. Yes, under those extreme vocals (in a more guttural way than a high pitched one), abrasive guitar riffs (were some morbid and darkened melodies arise), and heavy and good rhythmic basis. Obviously, the band is not playing something new, but have personality and energy. And it really will break your necks if you abuse of volume level!

The production is harsh and dry, to plunder into your ears destroying all. But don’t be disturbed: you’ll understand clearly the instruments and their arrangements. It’s raw, but not rotten and dusty.

All their six songs last more than 5 minutes, and are all very good. “Revelations in Blood” storms our speakers savagely with excellent vocals, being followed by “Night of Thousand Plagues” (very good riffs in a morbid and darkened song with mid tempo and extremely good vocals and guitars), the brutal and fast “Into Womb of Oblivion” (very good work from bass and drums on this song! Try to handle a song like this with this fast and brutal tempo), “Gray” (a perfect song, with equilibrium between harsh and fast moments with slower ones), “Temple Within” (oppressive song, with great drums and guitars again, with many tempo variations), and “Storming Primordial Oceans”, a more slow tempo song, with abusive vocals.

Brutality with a thinking mind behind the music. Excellent!

4 Star Rating

1. Revelations in Blood
2. Night of Thousand Plagues
3. Into Womb of Oblivion
4. Gray
5. Temple Within
6. Storming Primordial Oceans
J.E. - Vocals
R.Ä. - Guitars
T.K. - Guitars
J.K.A. - Bass, Vocals
R.S. - Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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