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Perfect Beings - Perfect Beings Award winner

Perfect Beings
Perfect Beings
by Daniel Fox at 23 April 2014, 10:18 PM

PERFECT BEINGS is a new Prog band from California, putting a modern, jazzy and catchy twist on classic Prog Rock in the vein of PINK FLOYD and GENESIS, with what I can hear is a little AOR thrown in, and the odd FOCUS sensibility. What we have in their self-titled is an intriguing duality between technical and evocative Prog, and the catchiness of radio-friendly rock.

"Helicopter" is an interesting track; a Prog backbone, carrying the upbeat jump and jive of 60's and 70's Rock 'n' Roll in the first half with catchy and spacey keyboard melodies with alien guitar licks, and beautiful, light-headed vocals. The second half, interestingly enough, is stripped of almost all of its timbre down to soft and jazzy noodling between guitar and piano, with easy-listening and mesmerising vocals. "Walkabout" is the longest track, at over 9 minutes, delivering a catchy, but deceptively technical and deep arrangement with beautiful, evolving melodies. As it progresses, the track moves in and out of the PINK FLOYDian rocksections and smokey interactions between drum rolls and atmospherics.

"Program Kid" begins as one of the more mellow tracks on this album, subtly and simple with peculiar vocal melodies, which soon picks up the pace with a racey roller-coaster of intriguing riffs and a strong, bass-heavy mix. In fact, the bass tracking is the highlight of this song. A crash-and-tumble brings the track to a dramatic halt. "Primary Colours" is one of my favorite tracks on this release. The piano work is stunning, with intricate and creative arrangements that compliment the guitars and vocals perfectly.

Progressive Rock is a genre that has grown on me a lot as of late, especially due in part to bands such as PERFECT BEINGS, making perfect Prog.

4 Star Rating

1. The Canyon Hill
2. Helicopter
3. Bees and Wasps
4. Walkabout
5. Removal of the Identity Chip
6. Program Kid
7. Remnants of Shields
8. Fictions
9. Primary Colors
10. One of your Kind
Ryan Hurtgen – Vocals, Piano
Johannes Luley – Guitars
Chris Tristram – Bass
Jesse Nason – Keyboards
Dicki Flizar – Drums
Record Label: My Sonic Temple


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