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Perfect Beings - Perfect Beings II

Perfect Beings
Perfect Beings II
by Chelsea Jennings at 08 December 2015, 12:42 AM

PERFECT BEINGS is a Progressive Metal band from Los Angeles, California. PERFECT BEINGS was created in November 2012, and are about to release their latest album "Perfect Beings II" via My Sonic Temple.

This album by PERFECT BEINGS opens with "Far Del Fuego" which gives off more of a Symphonic Metal feel to it, and makes it into the mid-to-upper-ranges of tempos at times. Overall its a soothing melodic piece that has the mothers of creation on our sides rather than against us. "Cryogenia" is about a woman that someone loved the first time he met her, and he knew he was supposed to be in love and never wanted to be away from her again. "The Love Inside" track brings keyboards played by Nason into the mix to add a soft, melodic touch PERFECT BEINGS's already-Symphonic Metal sound.

"Volcanic Streams" shows off more drumming and guitar techniques of the Progressive Metal band. The track shows the uglier side of humanity that is always angry and volatile and seeking revenge on those around them. We all have some "volcanic stream" of anger inside of us, and sometimes portraying that reminds people of the uglier side of what humanity can sometimes be. "The Yard" is a place where we can go and not we can go and not worry about anything but pressing  up against new boundaries and seeing where we can go next in our lives. The experiences promise to be interesting, new, and innovative compared to what we have experienced before. Oftentimes, this pushes people to be better as they experience that than if they had not. "Rivermaker" talks about power so great it moves tectonic plates and ends with a dreamy sound of someone having that kind of power to to change their own lives and the entire world if they so choose! "The Thrill Seeker" is about finding something new and interesting in life for every person. No matter what that may be.

PERFECT BEINGS self-titled release "Perfect Being II" is a melodic, Symphonic Metal experiment with a beautiful power to move the human mind and soul. It reminds us of both of both the good and the bad that humanity is capable of. PERFECT BEINGS reminds us that the world might be an OK place to live if we all make it what we can, but we have to do our part for it to work out, It's a refreshing reminder that humanity is not a lost cause yet, and that we all might end up being OK in the end if we all simply work together to further the human cause!

4 Star Rating

1. Mar Del Fuego
2. Cryogenia
3. Samsara
4. The Love Inside
5. Volcanic Streams
6. The Yard
7. Go
8. Rivermaker
9. Cause And Effect
10. The Thrill Seeker
Ryan Hurtgen - Vocals & Piano
Johannes Luley - Guitars
Chris Tristam - Bass
Jesse Nason - Keyboards
Dicki Filzar - Drums
Record Label: My Sonic Temple


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Edited 02 February 2023

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