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Perfect Fault - Electric Mountain

Perfect Fault
Electric Mountain
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 02 August 2015, 3:31 AM

PERFECT FAULT is a very new band hailing from London and Kent, jamming very catchy and hard Rock N Roll, but the only problem here is, they need more recognition! They certainly deserve it. I found myself enjoying “Electric Mountain” a good few times, and the band certainly delivered.

Electric Mountain” is an EP single with only 4 songs on it, so this review probably won't be very long, as there's not too much to say. Nonetheless, I was delivered 4 great tracks to talk about and I was very surprised with the end result.

Implementing very catchy musicianship, with very powerful Rock N Roll companionship, PERFECT FAULT, deliver a fine production for the Rock N Roll fan base, sounding a little less hard than say ROUGH JUSTICE, they are still perfectly heavy with a little lesser tone, if you get my drift, but implementing very catchy riffs and lyrics that may seem simple to us insane Metalheads, but trust me, open your mind a little and you'll be enjoying this gem in no time.

Headstrong” begins, making me think ah, a typical Punk Rock band sounding almost like SEX PISTOLS in a strange way, but damn does it sound good. I can imagine jamming hard to them if I saw PERFECT FAULT Live. “Cup Runneth Over” feels nothing more than an enjoyable catchy, jamming headbang, I think the name game for this band is if you're looking for something less heavy, nothing loud like MOTORHEAD, but if you love a catchy, pounding session, PERFECT FAULT are perfect for you. “Flowers On The Lamppost” is probably my favorite song for catchiness, while it's a little strange for a title, I found myself jamming enjoyably with a positive outlook rather than an angry one, which was a nice change I must admit. “Dodo” also was a prime example of this, what a great band left me thinking at the end.

I honestly can't say too much else, as “Electric Mountain” is their first EP and the band are very hard to find information out on but my word, they delivered greatly for a first attempt. While it may sound simple for us extreme Metal fans, I always keep an open mind on smaller bands as they always need the recognition considering how great this EP was, sounding almost better than what most big bands produce, we need to leave “Gene Simmons” feeling in denial when he says Rock Is Dead when in fact he's just so totally wrong, when bands like PERFECT FAULT deliver beasts such as “Electric Mountain”, “Gene” is blatantly talking out of his arse and needs a reality check. In the end, if fans supported Rock and Metal like it always should be, people like Gene wouldn't say such a thing in the end, so do yourselves a favor and give PERFECT FAULT a jam; you won't regret it! It's that good.

4 Star Rating

1. Headstrong
2. Cup Runneth Over
3. Flowers On The Lamppost
4. Dodo
Hywel Griffiths - Guitar, Vocals
Dan Edwards - Guitar, Vocals
Rob Taylor - Bass
Mark Sharpless - Drums
Record Label: Cariad Records


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