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Perfect View - Red Moon Rising Award winner

Perfect View
Red Moon Rising
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 21 June 2014, 7:59 PM

And when you will, my dear nieces and nephews, you can be sure of one thing: Mr. Steinmetal and Mr. Deaddie REALLY love me.

It’s because your Ol’ Big Daddy here was chosen to write about this perfect Italian band, PERFECT VIEW, for “Red Moon Rising” brought tears to my eyes. Yes, this album can make us overcome with emotion.

They do a mix between a melodic Hard Rock with classic Rock and some aspects of AOR. Better saying: their work follows the same way that bands like JOURNEY and EUROPE but more elegant and so full of felling that just a hearing, and you’ll feel like you can overcome any barrier you have in front of you.

Excellent vocals, with very good melodic tunes, great guitar riffs and very good solos, a perfect rhythmic basis, and wonderful keyboards arrangements, so we can say that technically they’re perfect. But they know how to make excellent music, with charming chorus. But of course they know how to make some more heavy arrangements here and there.

The quintet did own the sound production duty, with Roberto Priori and Pier Mazzini making the recording and mixing, so the sound quality is in a very higher level, with all instruments sounding clear to our ears, and having the correct dose of weight here and there.

I could stop here and just say “the album is perfect. That’s all”, but you Big Daddy here insist in comment their songs.

The wonderful and catching “Where the Wind Blows” opens the album, showing excellent musical arrangements both in guitars and keyboards, as the vocals are extremely good (hear the good chorus), followed by the equally perfect “By My Side”, again with good vocals, but here drums and bass appear in a very good shape, and once more, a very hooky chorus is present. “Room 14” is a more introspective song, with great doses of Progressive Rock, where the guitars and keyboards guide the song in the right direction. “Slave to the Empire” is another AOR hit in your face that will be sung after one hearing, with Giacomo Gigantelli as special guest in backing vocals. The beautiful “I Will Remember” is a perfect ballad, but not the ones who can make you cry from sadness as some we see sometimes, with a perfect participation of Michele Luppi on backing vocals. A more heavier and dense song you’ll find on “In the Name of the Father”, with some Prog Metal elements. “Living in Disguise” is a more accessible track, done to play on radios, but it’s elegant and charming, with a great chorus again. On “Dead End Street”, a heavier song, having something of the 80’s feeling, and the same is seen on the ballad “Holdin’ On”. “In a Blink of An Eye” has some groove moments like EXTREME done on their “Pornograffitti” album. And “Home of the Brave” is a personalized version for an old classic from TOTO, from their album “The Seventh One”, from 1988. And my dear nephews and nieces, I must tell you that TOTO is a great influence for Hard Rock and AOR bands, mind you all.

Nothing more is left to say now, besides I need to get a physical copy of this album!

5 Star Rating

1. Where the Wind Blows
2. By My Side
3. Room 14
4. Slave to the Empire
5. I Will Remember
6. In the Name of the Father
7. Living in Disguise
8. Dead End Street
9. Holdin’ On
10. In a Blink of An Eye
11. Home of the Brave
Max Ordin – Vocals
Francesco Cataldo – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pier Mazzini – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Frank Paulis – Bass, Backing Vocals
Luca Ferraresi – Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Avenue Of Allies Music


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