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Performed - Moronia Award winner

by Neil Cook at 14 March 2021, 8:12 PM

Mosh, mosh, mosh, mosh, mosh! This is what listening to “Moronia” from Slovakian Thrashers PERFORMED makes me want to do.  Unfortunately running around in circles in your living room by yourself doesn’t have the same effect, and now I need a new coffee table and the wife is not best pleased with me!

If you like your Thrash old school, Bay Area or New Your style, all board shorts and baseball caps, but with a modicum of intelligence and skillful playing, PERFORMED are for you.  Think ANTHRAX, EXODUS, MEGADETH and early ‘TALLICA. Their levels of musicianship and clarity of the vocals places in more in line with this era than the more modern fuzzier and gruntier bands of today. The opening of “Good Mood Steeler” could be an outtake from “Master Of Puppets” building off of a cinematic vibe slowly going though the gears before hitting us with chainsaw guitars and pounding drums.  A great opening statement without a doubt! We the go to “War”. Starting with a cool start – stop riff.  Proper mid-paced thrasher with a proper guitar solo from Martin S and rolling bass and drums throughout, and a perfectly match vocal delivery and riffage from Martin CM.

Stepping on the loud peddle again “Metal Leach” has a reel METALLICA feel, but with enough individuality to make it their own.  The soloing is proof of that!  Whereas “Mammonist” (yes I had to look that up too. It means one who is devoted to the pursuit of wealth.  Or a greedy capitalist if you prefer).  Great track, starts with a slow, sludgy, SABBATH like passage and builds to a riffing monster, with almost every trick from the 80/90s Thrash rule book. Derivative? Possibly.  Expertly delivered?  Hell yes! So it doesn’t matter we’ve heard it before, they do it well.

Killing Past”, has a groove all of its own.  A more Metal tune this than an out and out Thrasher of, it slows thing down a tad and is built on a staccato vocal and more measured axe attack.  A really cool tune, really enjoyed by yours truly. Which brings us onto the instrumental mammoth know a “Uzzur”, where Thrash meets Jazz, blues and others, sticks them in a blender and smears the whole bloody mess over themselves and their instruments and whip up an amazing musical mosh-scape.  Hell that bass solo is pure Jazz! And the guitar solo Blues genius!  Coming in at over seven minuets long, you almost expect another boring, self-indulgent piece of showing-off muso wankery.  Well they maybe showing off, heck it might even be self-indulgent, but there ain’t no wankers here!

Which brings us to the closing brace of “Thick Fume Of Dependency”.  A very METALLICA sounding song, even the vocals have a hit of HET, but from the early years, so no bad thing.  Finishing with title track “Moronia”, which bounces along on a fantastic groove, which is more like the NOT boys and EXODUS musically, but slightly slower and restrained in places not so much out and out speed, relying on the attitude to power the song along before disappearing on the strings of a guitar refrain, as many a tune does.

Is this new and original, no.  It is however delivered with skill and class, which I probably wasn’t expecting, but boy was it fun! Just wind up the neck and Thrash like is was 1980-something again!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. Good Mood Steeler
2. War
3. Metal Leach
4 Mammonist
5. Killing Past
6. Uzzur
7. Thick Fume Of Dependencies
8. Moronia
Martin Clynger Majdan - vocal, guitar
Martin Súkeník - lead guitar
Marián Lukáč - bass
Peter Chalupčík - drums
Record Label: Slovak Metal Army


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