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Perimeter Breach - Betrayal Provokasi

Perimeter Breach
Betrayal Provokasi
by Dorothy Cheng at 02 February 2014, 8:33 PM

I’m going to say it right off the bat: PERIMETER BREACH has one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in recent times. If you’d heard their debut album “Betrayal Provokasi”, you’d see the justification in that statement.

PERIMETER BREACH is a Malaysian Progressive Metal band that started in 2011 as a couple of young talents who got together to make music – and thank god that happened, because as young as they are, they’ve somehow managed to create a unique and very individual sound to their band’s name.

One of PERIMETER BREACH’s key signatures is the emphasis they put on keyboards. I understand that in Metal that can be considered a turnoff, but remember that this is Progressive Metal and PERIMETER BREACH pull it off with such orchestrated grace that the keyboards become the main force of melody in the songs. The track with best encapsulates this is “Notasi Suara”, which incidentally is my favorite song from the album. The keyboards are insanely catchy here, despite the fact that the whole song takes on a darker edge.

PERIMETER BREACH also tries to modernize their sound – as in, they don’t go back and try to copy off existing songs, posing as curators of the old school – they do their own young blood thing, and in that sense, you can saw their music is futuristic, because it looks to the future of metal and tries to create their own path with their unique take on songwriting. The vocals are all mostly melodic with some occasional screams in the style of Metalcore or Hardcore, and vocalist Ejud has an impressive range that blends nicely with the keyboard melodies. A lot of the lyrics are in Malay, and Malay is a very poetic language, almost mystical in its history.

The songs occasionally take on a catchy pop edge, but you never forget that you’re listening to a metal record. All in all, this is one of the more unique releases I’ve had the chance of catching up to – making it a truly memorable listen. Hell, I’ve had “Notasi Suara” stuck in my head all day.

4 Star Rating

1. 4 Months Later
3. 2. Rendering
4. Pintu Gerbang
5. Notasi Suara
6. Korupsi
7. Citra Perwira
8. Rewind
9. Apathy
10. Hijrah
11. Permulaan
Ejud - Vocals
Muhammad - Guitars
Walter - Guitars
Jien - Bass
Faidhi – Drums
Lily – Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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