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Permafrost - Transitory

by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 03 July 2015, 7:02 AM

Are you a fan of slow, Doomy, Sludge Metal? Are you a fan of super down tuned, distorted and heavy? Let me introduce you to PERMAFROST and their new album "Transitory." This is a 3 song half hour long album that will do.. Something to you. No, not touch you in your sleep don't worry. Creating a hybrid genre is difficult when it's genres that have a lot in common but have very different traits. Are you confused yet?

PERMAFROST are a band that create a mix of Death Metal, having sections full of blast beats, destructive guitar riffs and growling madness. Black Metal, a lot of the same traits just instead of technical riffs its constant chords. Lastly, Doom Metal.. This is where the issue lies. I love my Doom Metal, I just went and saw CROWBAR and it was awesome, I saw YOB with ENSLAVED, they were awesome. This, a bit less awesome. There's very little hook to each song to keep you interested, and when there is a hook the hook is played for so long afterwards it rusts and breaks, that's not the point of a hook and rust isn't very Metal!

The first song, "Oak" is basically a constant, the song doesn't pull you in very much and doesn't give your mind much to grasp. The second song is a lot of the same with a little bit more to offer, but the third and final song, "Nausea," is a bit more of a in the field home run. This song is the first some that really had a draw to me, but it also had the same disease, the song's hooks were so overplayed that any time they might draw you in, you just get bored again. The riffs are heavy, the drums are intense and this is probably one of the better examples of Black Metal instrumentals I've heard from an underground band in a long time, but the lack of a grasp it keeps on your imagination and the lack of power it has to keep you tuned in makes it a bit sketchy to run with.

Simply said, PERMAFROST are onto something, they just need to polish it and give it draw. "Transitory" might not be the perfect blend album and it might not even be "good" to most of you who check it out, but this is a band that is trying hard to create a destructive sound and once they find the perfect blend you'll see them skyrocket, I guarantee it. This is PERMAFROST and they will be the innovators of a new sound of chaos.

2 Star Rating

1. Oak
2. Collapse
3. Nausea
Hollow Lung - Vocals, Guitars
Andus Sapien - Bass
E - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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